Adding comments on our website

Adding comments on our website

We have recently become a bit sensitive about what personal information goes on our website, eg surnames, home phone nos, etc.

Because of this, we (usually) no longer include surnames or home numbers in details of upcoming walks, nor in write ups of recent walks, nor in the list of walk leaders on the site.

However, when people put comments on the site, they usually type their full name, which then appears on the comment.  In fact, you can simply type your first name, with the initial of your surname, if you want, and the comment will still go on OK.

I am therefore advising you to use this method, for your own security.  In the meantime, I have deleted surnames from all of the comments visible on the site.

I realise that this sounds like overkill/nanny state, etc, but once one has decided not to put such details on the site, it is best to follow it through.

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