First Aid Training?

First Aid Training?

Do you need to learn about first aid, or to update your knowledge?  A further session of first aid training will be organised if there is sufficient support.

As before, Rossendale First Responders would give the training, which lasts for 2.5 hours.  The first 2 hours would cover pulmonary resuscitation, the recovery position, and first aid measures for a suspected heart attack, haemorrhage, fracture, or choking.  The remaining 30 minutes would be taken up with defibrillator training.

There would be no charge to members for this session, and tea & biscuits will be provided.  Don’t worry – if you choke on a crumb, you should be quite safe!

If you are interested, pleas contact Rosemary ASAP, on 07742 566747, or by email at

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