Black Men Walking – Friday 2 February

Black Men Walking – Friday 2 February

Based on a suggestion from Rosemary, 11 Rossy Ramblers attended this play at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.  The background to the play is here.  The play was performed in the 90 seat Studio theatre, so we were very close to the action, which involved 3 male and one female actors.  The play had the serious underlying theme of racism but was surprisingly funny, so we all enjoyed it.

Prior to the performance, we had an excellent meal at Annie’s, literally just around the corner from the theatre.  Afterwards, most of us had a pleasant drink and a natter in the theatre bar, before going our different ways.

All in all, another excellent social event arranged by Linda.  A shame that Rosemary couldn’t be with be with us, and that Adam was not well on the day.  Hope he is better soon.





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