Advance Notice – Friday 31 August ~ Linear Walk from Rawtenstall to Manchester

Advance Notice – Friday 31 August ~ Linear Walk from Rawtenstall to Manchester

On Friday, 31 August Derek (0747 5300 007) will lead a walk of around 23 miles, with approximately 295 metres of ascent, not that you will notice it!

Don’t Panic ~ bear with and read on!

This walk will start from outside the ‘East Lancashire Railway Station’ at 8:30 am ~ facilities available at Tesco nearby. Our route will primarily follow the ‘Irwell Sculpture Trail’, but do not expect to see all the sculptures. For those that do not feel up to the challenge, then please consider joining us at Bury.

The leg from Bury to the centre of Manchester is only 13 miles with about 135 metres of ascent. If you are interested in this option, then meet us in the Gallipoli Gardens at noon, where we will (should!) be having a lunch stop. The gardens are located in front of ‘The Fusilier Museum’ on Silver Street ~ about 150 metres from Bury Interchange [SD 80322 10673 or N53:35:32 (53.592261) & W2:17:56 (2.298767) or BL9 0EN ~ red pin on map below]. Facilities, including a café, are available in the Fusilier Museum and the ‘Art Museum’ on Moss Street, which are both worth a visit ~ the Art Museum is free to enter.

Based on distance alone, the full walk is rated as ‘I’ with the shorter version rated ‘M’ ~ in the main all the paths are of good quality and there are no steep ascents/descents. We will need to set a reasonably swift pace, but not as fast as ‘John Boy’, and stops will be short and sweet. Please bring plenty of water, and if we are blessed with sunshine a hat and suntan lotion could come in useful. We should arrive in Manchester by about 6:30 pm. where we are planning to have an evening meal. The venue will be decided once we have some idea of the number of people interested ~ please talk to Linda (0770 932 1004) by Friday 3rd August.  This page will be updated as soon as a decision is made about dining.

Our return to Rawtenstall will be via the X43 Witch Way bus.

If in doubt ~ ask!

Dogs are only allowed on our Thursday evening walks, if the leader agrees in advance. This is for the safety & wellbeing of all concerned.

Please Note: We very much welcome new walkers with us, but would ask you to contact the walk leader beforehand, either to discuss the demands of the walk and what you need to bring, or simply to let the leader know that you will be joining us. If you are at all unsure of your capabilities, then ~ for everyone’s safety ~ we suggest you try one of our shorter walks, which take place on the third Sunday of most months and ~ from May to August ~ on the first and third Thursday evenings. See ‘Walks Schedule’ for details.

This map is very interactive ~ you can move the map around, zoom in or out, or click ‘View larger map’ for printing and/or getting directions.

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