We REALLY DO need to talk about Thursdays

We REALLY DO need to talk about Thursdays

The idea of trying short (3-5 mile) evening walks on Thursdays during the summer received a warm welcome at the AGM, so I have put one in the schedule for the first Thursday of May, June, July, and August, probably starting at 7 pm.  Bury Ramblers do evening walks in these months, though other clubs – such as Burnley Mountaineers – do evening walks from Easter to September.  For the first year, I suggest that we stick to these four months, so that we can see how it goes, what pace we manage, and what time we finish; the last thing we want to do is to be up a hill in the dark!

At the AGM and since, a number of people offered help with the leading and organisation of these walks, though I do not have a full list of those who have offered (you see, I can be disorganised if I really try!), and I’m sure that there are other members who would help, for example as back markers.

One point to mention at the outset is that these walks are primarily aimed at attracting new – working – people to walk with us, although of course any current member of the group who fancies a stroll and a pint is more than welcome to come along.

The first Thursday in May seems a long way away, but we need to crack on and get a programme put together, so that we can publicise the walks as a whole, on our site, on Facebook, and – particularly – in the pubs that we are going to use.  I think we need to get together as a sort of Thursday walks committee to discuss the following points, as well as any others that I have not thought about.  I have given Dougie and Roy a copy of this post, but for those others of you who are interested, could I please ask you to email me to let me know that you are interested in helping, saying whether you would be a leader, back marker, or simply a helper/organiser.  Please also give me your thoughts on the questions below.

When I have digested the replies, I suggest that we get together as a group to put together a programme, assigning walks to pubs, leaders, etc.


1 – Should we just walk on the first Thursday of these four months, or should we do more Thursdays in these months?

2 – What pubs are likely to be willing to let us park there, do a walk, and come back for a drink and perhaps some supper?

3 – Should we allow kids and/or dogs on these walks?

4 – Do we need insurance for the walkers (as Burnley Mountaineers), or do we simply say that people walk at their own risk?

5 – Because these are evening walks, travel to the venue should be short, so should we just stick to Rossendale?

6 – Should we have an umbrella title for these walks, eg ‘Come for a walk after work’?

7 – Are there any other point we need to consider?

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  1. Karen Hilton

    Super idea for people who are working.
    We are really looking forward to it.
    At present we try to attend some of the short Sunday walks so this will be ideal, Karen and Steven.

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