A Rossendale Ramble 25-01-2017 – Leader David

A Rossendale Ramble 25-01-2017 – Leader David

After a very foggy last few days, 21 brave souls ventured out over the hills of Rossendale for David’s first leadership walk, and were rewarded with some beautiful sunshine.  Heading steeply north past the ski slope certainly warmed the body quickly.  After a quick breather, we followed the Shoe Trail towards the Halo Panopticon, but didn’t stop, as we were travelling towards Crawshawbooth via Pinner Lane, stopping half way down for a quick break.

At the bottom of Pinner Lane we stopped briefly, as David explained a little about ‘The Friends Meeting House’, which the Quakers built in 1728 as a result of The Tolerance Act.  Up until this time they had to hold their meetings in the open air at Chapel Hill (more about this later).  From here we followed the river Limey through Goodshaw Fold and on to Loveclough, with a brief history of Sue’s childhood at Goodshaw Fold.  After crossing the main Burnley Road and losing Carol – who planned to leave at this point – we headed up and along the Rossendale Way to the top of Meadow Head, which gave us fantastic views over Clowbridge reservoir.  Stopping for lunch at the top meant a choice of Shade and Shelter or Sun and Breezy as to your choice of resting spot.

After lunch, a sharp right turn saw a strong biting wind in our faces, as we headed towards Swinshaw Moor.  Those walkers who thought we were not going to have some mud and bogs were disappointed, as this stretch is notorious for holding the water, hence David had planned an escape route in case of bad weather.  However, today was beautiful, and all 20 weary souls meandered through the marsh to reach the windmills at the top of Swinshaw Moor.  From here it was relatively plain sailing down the long track to Chapel Hill Lane, stopping at ‘The Friends Burial Ground’ to hear that it was used between 1663 and 1847 as a burial ground and meeting place, before moving to the the Meeting House mentioned earlier.  135 brave souls were buried here in a spot no bigger than a large garage!!  It was also the 354th anniversary this week of the very first burial there of Mary Heyworth, on 23rd January 1663.

Down the lane and along past Alder Grange School saw the group cross Burnley Road again.  From here it was a short but tough climb to the television mast before crossing the final field back to the ski slope.  A very enjoyable walk, with a mix of trail and moors on a beautiful day saw a great finish with refreshments at The Whitaker, which is highly recommended.

On a positive note, it was great to see so many walkers actually following the interactive map provided by David.  Although this sounds very organised, David thought he had left his credit card at The Whitaker.  Frantic searching from the remaining walkers failed to find it, only for David to find it still on the mantelpiece at home!  So perhaps he is not so organised after all.

(Pics & write up David)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. rosemary

    A super first walk David showing off Rossendale at its very best. Well done.

    • Thank you folks for the positive comments. You never really know how it’s going to go. Glad the weather was on our side.

    • Forgot to say. Thanks Rosemary for the support at the back of the group. Knew everyone would be safe with you being there.

  2. Great walk which brought back many good childhood memory’s. What a wonderful blue sky. With the sun being right in our eyes we could not appreciate how blue the sky was until we saw the photos. Looks like I missed a lovely cream tea.

  3. Great local walk. Many thanks David for both the walk and the laminated map.

    Arnold – glad you could join us for tea and cake in the Whitaker. Good to see you are on the mend.

  4. Thank you Jenny it was a pleasure 🙂

  5. An excellent walk in lovely winter sunshine, thank you David. We certainly saw the best of Rossendale scenery. The provision of a laminated map has now set a new high for our walks. Well done on leading your first walk, look forward to more.

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