Arncliffe 30-08-2017 – Leader Rosemary

Arncliffe 30-08-2017 – Leader Rosemary

To avoid me repeating myself too often, I will just say at the outset that this was a wonderful walk, in wonderful walking weather, in a wonderful part of the country (which unfortunately was Yorkshire!), with 22 wonderful people, wonderfully led by Rosemary, and wonderfully well recorded today by Diana!  (My  fingers first typed ‘today’ as ‘toady’, which is pretty accurate.)

Our starting point today was Arncliffe (‘eagle cliffe’), which is the capital of Littondale, and is now a conservation area.  Charles Kingsley drew his inspiration for ‘The Water Babies’ from Arncliffe, and more recently the TV series ‘Emmerdale’ was originally set in Arncliffe (its name comes from ‘Amerdale’, the older name for Littondale).  From the village we headed southwest down the dale along the River Skirfare, before hanging a right up Out Gang Lane and through Arncliffe Cote to our banana break a little up the hill beyond, with very nice views.

Suitably refreshed, we began to climb quite seriously onto High Cote Moor, viewing splendid limestone scenery whenever we stopped to draw breath!  This took us to the high point of the walk – Lee Gate High Mark – at around 1670 feet, by which time we had climbed 800 feet in an hour.  We then dropped around 400 feet to our lunch stop above Gordale Beck, at what you might call the fulcrum of the walk.  I have to tell you that trying to attend to a call of nature behind a wall with 21 people looking on and giggling is not easy!

Being at the fulcrum, we immediately swung north to Great Close and onto the Monk’s Road, used by the monks of Fountains Abbey to access their grazing land.  This took us past Middle House Hill to Dew Bottoms(!), where we began to gain incredibly beautiful views of the steep-sided valley through which runs Cowside Beck.  These views continued for 40 minutes or more as we headed towards Arncliffe.  Then it was an awkward rocky descent down the side of the valley before heading pleasantly back to our cars.  Refreshments were very nicely taken outside the Café by the Lake at Kilnsey Park to end a memorable day, thanks to Rosemary, with assistance from back marker Hazel.

PS During the walk we passed a number of areas called … Clowder.  Looking this up in a normal dictionary, I found it generally means a group of cats, so I had to dig deeper.  Here I discovered that in Yorkshire it means a mass of rocks – very appropriate.

(Write up Arnold, pics Diana.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here


  1. Just excellent!

  2. Thanks to all for great day.

  3. Lovely walk, lovely photos, lovely day! Thanks to Rosemary, Diana & Arnold.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyable – Thanks Rosemary

  5. “Unfortunately was Yorkshire” – shame on you! Sorry, but you cannnot fail to have a great experience in God’s own county! Great walk Rosemary with great company.

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