Bacup to Rawtenstall 23-03-2018 – Leader Derek

Bacup to Rawtenstall  23-03-2018 – Leader Derek

13 arrived for the first linear walk of the year, on a cloudy but dry day, with a chilly wind and snow still lying in places.  This lovely local walk linked many farms; included moorland offering some great views; encountered a variety of animals; kept Roy happy with a modicum of Rossendale mud; and involved lots of stiles with plenty to keep a footpath officer very busy.

We got off the bus and headed up the Todmorden Road, pausing at the restored Bacup stocks, which were excavated locally and erected close to the site of the old lock up. There were no volunteers to go in the stocks so we had the group photo instead. We continued a short way before cutting left to Christ Church, the last Anglican Parish Church to close in Bacup in 2012.  Derek gave some history of this Grade II listed building now up for sale. From here we joined the Irwell Valley Sculpture Trail to Broad Clough and Far Old Meadows Farm and on to skirt Weir, before stopping for coffee against a wall sheltering from the cool wind. We left the Sculpture Trail to head to Heald Moor where we joined the Burnley way, climbing to Theiveley Pike on Deerplay Moor with extensive views in all directions.  We headed south westerly with Hameldon Hill weather station and Cloughbridge Reservoir visible to our right. As we descended Derek pointed out the source of the River Irwell, although this is now fenced off. We crossed the Burnley Road to pick up the Rossendale Way towards Clough Bottom Reservoir.  Lunch was taken against another welcome wall. We descended north of Water to join the Pennine Bridleway, climbing past Peersclough Farm and crossed Swinshaw Moor before dropping to Higher Walls.  We headed into Rawtenstall via Wheat Head, Meadowhead Lodge and Hurst Lane, at one point overlooking the driving range with new greenhouse development, and also passing the Friends Burial Ground. Thanks to Derek for an enjoyable and varied walk, which put colour in our cheeks.

Refreshments were taken in DoDahs before returning to our cars.

(Write up and pics – Judy)

Distance – 11.09 miles   Total ascent 1556 feet

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here

There is a link to the slideshow here. You may need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show – but at least it is full screen! “




  1. Thanks yet again Judy for doing both write-up and photos ~ as Arnold said, excellent [as usual]. Thanks also to ‘John Boy’ for all is advice and guidance, without which I would have no doubt got lost! Unfortunately,he recorded the route when I first did it in 2012, and advised every time I deviated!

  2. Arnold Sampson

    Excellent write up and pics of a lovely walk, Judy. Well done to Derek/derrick for the route.

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