Barden 12-04-2017 – Leader Derek

Barden 12-04-2017 – Leader Derek

We were blown away by Derek’s walk today, first by the strength of the wind at the parking place on Halton Moor, then by the much better than forecast weather (virtually no rain in the morning), and finally by the fact that the walk was a whole mile less than advertised!  As Roy said at the end “No mud and no canal; what went right?”).  An excellent turnout of 25 – which would have been 23 had we not waited for Tom and his passenger – set off downhill from an elevation of around 1000 feet, dropping down to walk along the side of Lower Barden Reservoir, where we spotted a couple of stoat or rat traps, the first of which had unfortunately caught a young rabbit.  The wind was still quite strong and visibility rather poor as we continued east, still dropping, to our first break in the lee of a wall.  Turning north for a short while, we came to the picturesque ruins of Barden Tower (of Lady Anne Clifford fame) and the nearby wedding venue of Priests House, with its associated bunk barn.

We were then at the River Wharfe, which we followed very pleasantly to Bolton Abbey.  Along the way, we saw many families with young children, obviously enjoying the Abbey’s Easter Egg Hunt.  We passed the infamous Strid before taking lunch in warmish conditions while sitting on the bank of the river.  Then we carried on past the strange money tree to the priory itself, where some of our braver members ventured the stepping stones, without any real mishap – shame!  We viewed the headstone of Fred Trueman’s modest grave in the cemetery before beginning what was to be almost a 3 mile climb north and west back to the cars.  The conditions by now were clear and quite warm, and as we climbed we could look back and around to admire some glorious vistas.  As we climbed, the wind was directly in our faces, and grew stronger by the minute, such that long before we reached our destination we were all breathing a very big sigh of relief that it was not raining!  Then it was off to our favourite Buffers café at Storiths, where we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Yvonne for tomorrow.  So ended a really great day out, thanks to Derek.  Thanks also to Diana for her excellent pics, and to Mark, my porter today.  By contrast, commiserations to Ann, whom we learned had a very nasty fall while walking in Majorca – we hope to see her again before too long.

(Write up Arnold, pics Diana.  Appended here are the route stats and profile – and a very unusual profile at that.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. Belated thanks to Arnold for the report and Diana for the photos. Apologies to all for the shorter than predicted mileage – printed off the wrong version of the walk! Will slip in an extra mile on one of my future walks ?

    • arnolds

      Don’t worry about the missing mile, Derek. We don’t feel too deprived!

    • Just let me know which one Derek and I’ll stay at home and wash my hair.

  2. Ann would like to thank everyone for their good wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery that were expressed in the card that we signed on Wednesday.

  3. On our way home Joan told us that she had heard a small child asking Mum if all these people are sick? Mum explained that we were using sticks as we were walking a long way. Joan wondered if she thought Diana was perhaps our carer! The innocence of children!

  4. Rosemary

    Thank you Derek for a grand day out walking in lovely rolling countryside. I thought Diana’s pictures reflected the day well especially those that related to Easter in the Bolton Abbey estate.

  5. An excellent walk in a lovely part of the country. We were so fortunate with the weather and nice to see the families enjoying the Easter activities. Thank you Derek for an interesting day, to Diana for excellent pics and Arnold for a cracking write up. Happy Easter everyone

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