Barley Short 03-05-2017 – Leader Judy

Barley Short 03-05-2017  – Leader Judy

A special elite group of 11 elected to go on this short walk (as opposed to the concurrent 11 mile walk) including Val and Jim on their first walk with us, and they coped admirably with both the walking and the company!

We watched the other group depart (including a certain person on the wrong side of the wall!) before heading in the opposite direction through the village and then following the stream onto the westerly side of Lower Black Moss Reservoir. At Foot House Gate we crossed to the easterly side of Upper Black Moss Reservoir. After climbing towards Mountain Farm, we turned westwards across farmland and found a wall sheltered from the wind for coffee. We headed on towards Twiston Moor, before cutting southwards to Salt Pie, and then across fields to the impressively renovated Higher Laithe Barn and Windy Harbour Farm.  Crossing over Barley Road and heading towards Brown House, we stopped by another wall in the sunshine but again, in the lee of the wind, for a lingering lunch with superb views of Pendle Hill. Two fearless tups in the field soon showed excessive interest, particularly in Graham who decided to move to the middle of the group, and then in unflappable Roger who showed great tolerance as he was used as a scratching post – extraordinary!  Subsequently we picked up the Pendle Way, climbing to Pendle House, and we then took the wonderful path skirting Pendle Hill to Under Pendle.  Here a vote was taken, and it was unanimously decided to extend the walk slightly, despite the visible further ascent to Ogden Hill.  We then descended to Ogden Clough and the Upper Ogden Reservoir before returning alongside Lower Ogden Reservoir and back into Barley.

Drinks were pleasantly taken at the Pendle Inn, sitting on benches outside in the sunshine.  We were just relocating to the inside when joined by the other group for excellent sandwiches, cakes, and drinks in their light and airy conservatory.

A lovely easy paced walk but still with a fair amount of climb, and with clear stunning views all day.  This, combined with good company, great sunshine, and spectacular scenery, proved to be a popular and successful alternative walk. Thanks to those who helped with some tricky gates, thus reducing the stile count further, and to all for creating a feel good factor.

Distance – 6.75 miles       Ascent – 1309 feet/ 399 metres.

Write up and pics –  Judy

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. arnolds

    Val commented on Facebook: “We really enjoyed this walk, fantastic scenery and great company. Looking forward to the next walk!”

  2. Whether we were elite or not is immaterial – we felt it!

  3. Elite group?? Pull the other one!

    Lovely pics and excellent write up, though.

  4. Jenny

    What an excellent walk on a beautiful day. Well done Judy for leading the elite group and providing such good photos and amusing write up. Our very own ‘sheep whisperer’ Roger coped very well with the inquisitive tups, which provided so much amusement at lunch time. Finally a proper afternoon tea at an excellent venue. Great day out!

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