Barnoldswick 14-12-2016 – Leader Derek

Barnoldswick 14-12-2016 – Leader Derek

A lovely forecast for today (plus Derek’s charm) brought out 29 ramblers to Barnoldswick, which I think is a record in my time with the group for an ‘ordinary’ walk.  Not that there was anything ordinary about today’s walk, in what seemed like spring, except for the low sun and the long shadows.  Away from the car park, we were very soon in the delightful Valley Gardens, where the blue tits live in terraced houses!  We were very soon out of the urban area and heading west across the fields, which were somewhat slutchy and slippery after recent rain, but I think we all stayed upright today.  The views of rolling farmland were extensive and delightful, as they remained throughout the day.  We exited the fields briefly onto Brogden Lane, marked as a Roman road on my map.  We then passed through Brogden Hall Farm and around Tootles Hill (!) to our coffee stop against a wall.  Here Paul very kindly dispensed some delicious flapjacks, packed full of fruit, as only he knows how.

Thus fortified, we continued north west to Bomber Hill (any explanation of its name, Derek?), passing a field of tups en-route; we were later to see evidence of their sterling efforts!  Continuing, with distant misty views of Pendle, we hit the A59 just east of Gisburn, and turned sharp right to reach our lunch spot, where we played the eat’n wall game again.  After a pleasant stop, we carried on as we were, through a small wood and past a very pretty pond area, to Bracewell.  At this point we had a little northern detour, seeing an area where the Ribble Valley Trust are improving matters for wildlife at Stock Beck.  The farmland all along this stretch was lovely – and very well kept – and we soon passed through the massive Greenberfield Farm, likely responsible for this state of affairs.  Then it was a short step to the Leeds & Liverpool canal, with perfect reflections.  This took us back to Barnoldswick and festive refreshments at Victoria’s Café, to end a truly lovely day, thanks to Derek, who kindly stepped in at short notice to lead this walk.

(Write up Arnold, pics Arnold & David.)   Appended here are the route stats and profile, though others said the mileage was 10.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. Thanks again Arnold for your stunning write up and beautiful photographs. I am more than happy to accept your mileage ~ this is less than 1% greater than that predicted! As for Bomber Hill, ‘The Historical Gazetteer of England’s Place-Names’ suggests that the local farm was originally called Burnbarr House in 1686; this then changed to Bonbar House in 1700, as recorded in the Gisburn Parish Register. Not much of a stretch to get to ‘Bomber’!? Bear in mind that they did have a spelling problem in the area ~ Gisburn was originally Gisburne.

  2. Jenny Bruffell

    Hard to believe we were walking mid December, the weather was so sunny and mild. Thank you Derek for a gentle wak in lovely countryside. Excellent photos Arnold. It was a grand day out, made complete by cake!

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