Barrowford 13-11-2016 – Leader Roy

Barrowford 13-11-2016 – Leader Roy

Rossy Ramblers started off from the Barrowford Heritage Centre on a bright, cold, crisp morning, yet the first sighting was a parakeet!  A couple of jays were also spotted, making a colourful start.

This walk’s main theme was berries, bushes, and trees: cotoneaster and berberis, but also with holly and hawthorn in profusion.  A consequence of this profusion was lots of seed-feeding birds, much to the delight of Ursula, Ann, and Bruce.  On reaching the hill of Malkin Tower, with its extensive views over Colne and the Foulridge reservoirs, we stopped for a break and two minutes silence.  Coats off now, we proceeded uphill to Admergill, where more views of Burn Moor, Pendle, and the Admergill Valley presented themselves.  On reaching the summit of our walk at Jackson’s House, we stopped for lunch, this time overlooking Blacko, Newchurch and Roughlee.

After the break, we started downhill through fields lined with holly trees, and at Bank Ends a stand of old beech trees full of  pigeons.  After crossing the stepping stones at Roughlee, Josie inspired a discussion about the Lancashire Witches, and smart phones were flourished to ascertain the relevant information – though Roy says they could not find anything about him!  45 minutes later, we were back at the Heritage Centre, enjoying excellent refreshments.

(Write up Roy, pics Jean & Basil.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

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