Belthorn 22-07-2018 – Leader Roy

Belthorn 22-07-2018 – Leader Roy

Last Sunday was my first walk with Rossendale Ramblers.  The walk started at 9.30 am from The Dog Inn at Belthorn.  The day was overcast with a cool breeze that was actually quite  a welcome change from the hot spell we have been having of late, and although it was misty and looked as though it could rain at any minute, waterproofs were not needed during the walk.  I was introduced to the other 6 people on the walk and a group photo was taken at the start.

Roy led us off through fields to reach the main B6232 road on the outskirts of Guide, which we crossed before doubling back on field paths and farmland, making our way towards Town Bent, passing through the farms of Rose Dene and Bumper Hall to reach a disused reservoir.  We then made our way up a rough path towards the wind turbines, where we had lunch on the edge of Oswaldtwistle Moor.

After lunch we crossed the moor to emerge on the other side on a path parallel to the main B6232 road that we had crossed earlier in the walk.   Crossing the main road again, we took a moorland path gradually descending to the main road from Edgworth and the junction with the Pickup Bank road.

Walking up the road from here we took a path on the other side into a rough reedy marshy area (though it was OK with not having any rain lately!). Crossing a stream by a footbridge we passed through a few ruins to walk past a half empty reservoir to reach Bank Fold.  From here we had glorious views across Hoddlesden to Darwen Tower in the distance.  We crossed farm and field paths back to where we had left the cars.  Later we all had refreshments at The Dog Inn, some having tea and some a  pint.  The Dog Inn is now a community pub, and seems to be doing well, which is good to see.  Overall, an excellent day thanks to Roy.

Pics & write up Stephen.

If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here.  You will need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show.


  1. Angela

    Amazing pics Stephen… love the one’s of me and the horse(and very funny comment!) – hope you keep coming on our walks… it already feels like you are a regular!

    • Stephen Dutch

      Thanks Angela, you’re a natural with the horses. Comment was added by Arnold. I really enjoy the camaraderie of the group.

  2. Stephen Dutch

    Lol many thanks…..when can I lead my first walk for the club, they’re all stacking up!

    • Arnold

      Hi Stephen, for insurance reasons you need to be a member before you can lead a walk. Once you have joined, have a chat with Derek about leading next year, as we have no empty slots this year at present – though that could change.

  3. arnolds

    Hello, good morning, and welcome, Stephen. To take the pictures AND do the write up on your first walk with us is way beyond the call of duty. Well done!

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