Blackburn to Whalley Linear 02-06-2017 – Leader Derek

Blackburn to Whalley Linear 02-06-2017 – Leader Derek

11 met at Whalley Abbey in the rain to catch the bus to Blackburn, with Anne neatly joining the bus enroute to make 12 walkers.

Disembarking at Blackburn Bus Station we went to quickly admire the Cathedral, with displays depicting the weaving shuttle and the crown of thorns, and amazing modern art work adorning the walls.

Derek informed us the walk was Roy’s suggestion, so imagine our surprise when we headed through Blackburn to the Leeds and Liverpool canal! Initially it was quite murky, and while it did improve and the rain stop, it could not be described as “shimmering”as we continued to meander along to Higher Whitebirk.  Derek told us that his Dad had explained to him that the ramp which Joe and Roy are standing by, was for the horses who had fallen into the water to climb out. The variety of birds and bird song did however appease Roy and others, and we found a bridge for support when taking a coffee break. Further along Derek and Joe at the front then disappeared into the bushes (we speculated what for) with Derek actually squatting to hide behind a gorse bush, hoping to see the rest of us carry along the towpath – disgraceful! This was where we left the canal and skirted above Rishton Reservoir to Cunliffe, then Dunscar, followed by Harwood Edge. Lunch was taken with good views but the rain returning and keeping us company for the afternoon, with some decrying the forecast was wrong. We continued climbing through buttercup meadows to cross the Blackburn Old Road before dropping through woods to Dean Clough Reservoir. From here we headed to Sunny Bank and Miles Hill and along Berry’s Lane to Heys Farm.  The group were then collectively suspicious of an extra up and down hill via Nabside Farm and Painter Wood Farm to clock the mileage put on the website, but our leader would have none of this! We returned to our cars by the recently restored waterwheel.

Refreshments were enjoyed at the Read Garden Centre which was excellent as usual and we dried off nicely.

Write up and pics – Judy (No sweet talking, Arnold – I volunteered!)

Distance 10.55 miles    Ascent 1017 feet

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. Derek

    Thanks Judy for both an excellent report, despite the occasional barbed comment, and superb photos. I certainly owe you one, but not quite sure what! Glad your dodgy knee held out.

  2. Arnold

    Well, a volunteer is worth more than 10 sweet talked people, so well done, Judy. Excellent pictures in the conditions. See you Wednesday, hopefully – survived a blowout caused by hitting a huge pothole at speed this morning! Another of my 9 lives gone.

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