Blackstone Edge 18-04-2018 – Leader Judy

Blackstone Edge 18-04-2018 – Leader Judy

                          OFFICIAL MET OFFICE NOTICE                                    SPRING IS CANCELLED, SUMMER STARTS TODAY

Well, the forecast looked as though this would be the case, yet it was early afternoon before the sun came out – but then it shone for all it was worth, giving us a lovely finish to the walk, and alfresco refreshments at the Visitor Centre café.  The temperature shown by Barry’s car on the way home was 22°C!!  Another good reason for making a note of today’s date is that it was Graeme’s 200th walk with Rossie Ramblers – a great achievement, so well done, Graeme – but what an anorak for keeping count!

At the Hollingworth Lake Visitor Centre car park, Roger P took what is possibly the most cheerful group picture ever, before Judy led today’s contingent of 19 across the fields and through Clegg’s Wood (!) to Lane Foot.  Here we turned east alongside Whittaker golf course, climbing up to the Rochdale Way.  Then it was due north, contouring for a bit to Lydgate, where we again headed east and began the real climb of the day,  spotting several toads doing what comes naturally en-route!    This took us to the beginning of what some historians believe is a Roman road, given its interesting construction – see here.  Whilst going up, we took the opportunity of chatting to a lady with an Irish wolfhound, which was almost as tall as her sitting down, and must have weighed more than her; I just hope it didn’t spot a rabbit!

During this 700 odd feet of climb, we had great views of the big landscapes all around, which Roger captured superbly.  This took us to the Aiggin Stone, a 600 year old guide stone for travellers, where we took our break in quite a cool breeze.  Then it was north and downward across Blackstone Edge Moor to cross the A58 near the White House pub, and then along the edge of Blackstone Edge Reservoir, now on the Pennine Way.  In a short while we turned left and headed gently downhill across Chelburn Moor to a disused quarry at Chelburn itself, where we had lunch.

After lunch, it was across the Rochdale Canal to the Summit pub, near which there was a fair old menagerie of canaries, love birds, emus, and a donkey!  From here we headed up to the Summit railway tunnel ventilation shafts, which Derek told us had a major fire in 1984, which Joe, a local resident, remembers well.  We soon dropped down through Calderbrook to the canal again, which we followed back to Littleborough in glorious sunshine.  Soon after, we were back at the Visitor Centre, having enjoyed a lovely and varied walk, thanks to Judy, and to Glyn for back marking.

Write up Arnold, pics Roger P.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.

If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here.  You will need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show – but at least it is full screen!


  1. Arnold Sampson

    Well said, Graeme

  2. Graeme Adlum

    Excellent walk – thank you Judy. Great photos Roger.

    Thanks for the mention in the write up Arnold. The first 200 walks have been brilliant. It’s been a pleasure to walk with so many friendly and interesting people (although I really mean friends). To our walk leaders thank you for leading such a varied programme of walks. Of the 200 walks I don’t think I’ve done the same one twice. Thanks again to one and all.

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