Broadbottom 27-06-2018 – Leader Roy

Broadbottom 27-06-2018 – Leader Roy

Well, Roy has opened up a whole new beautiful area for us with his 3 ‘going east’ walks, this being the second one.  We thought that the Marple Bridge walk was lovely the other week, but this was even nicer, with the exception of seeing the awful pall of smoke above Saddleworth Moor for much of the walk.  Again, 12 people made the journey today (and very easy it was, too), and were treated to a number of ribald comments at Broadbottom Station, with its pretty artwork on the main building.  Sue bravely took the camera on today, in what turned out to be difficult lighting conditions, and came up trumps, as you will see.

On a very hot morning, Roy led us south through woodland and over the River Etherow – but no bacon butties this time!  Continuing southward and climbing gently towards Woodseats Farm, we met a lady on an enormous 19.1 hands (6 ft 4 ins at the shoulder!) Hanoverian stallion, whose nose I could hardly reach, so Judy had no chance!  The rider told us that he (the horse!) is good at jumping, but dressage is his real event, as he has some wonderful moves!  Moving on through more woodland – nice and cool in the heat – we soon had our first lovely vista, though overpowered by the Saddleworth Moor smoke – very worrying.  Then we were at our first break on an open recreation field at Chisworth.  David C very kindly looked after me by finding me a folding chair to sit on, which was lovely until the canvas broke!!  Fortunately my bottom is not broad enough to stick tight in the frame of the chair, so David easily extricated me.

Excitement over, we continued south across fields and along lanes, now climbing more steeply, past the worryingly-named Gun Farm and then on to Pistol Farm, where we turned east to reach Near Slack Farm, with some very nice vegetable growing arrangements.  Here Roy – aka Nobby – convinced himself that the footpath went through a hundred yards or so of shoulder high vegetation, as you will see in the photo.  Derek, squinting at his trusty machine, saw that the footpath actually went around the farm, and led most of us that way.  This brought us onto Cowm Edge Rocks, where we had our lunch at over 1200 feet, with incredible views that unfortunately included Saddleworth Moor again.  Continuing along the Edge after lunch, the views continued to be craggy and brilliant, making this section the best part of the day.

We soon dropped into a very well-equipped recreation ground at Charlesworth, where 4 of the children enjoyed themselves on the zip wire, hence the videos.  From here it was west and then north through the very pleasant Tom Wood, to reach our refreshment spot at Lymefield Garden Centre, passing some witches that could well have been in Newchurch-in-Pendle!  The refreshments were excellent, and from the garden centre we had a short walk back through the industrial heritage area of Broad Mills, thus ending an absolutely brilliant day, thanks to Roy.  If you want my advice, you should not miss his next walk in this area on Wednesday 19 September.

Write up Arnold, pics Sue.

Appended here are the route stats and profile, rather cobbled together between Judy’s GPS and mine, so believe them if you will.

If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go (inc 2 bonus videos), then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here.  You will need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show.

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