Calder Vale 22-03-2017 – Leader Roy

Calder Vale 22-03-2017 – Leader Roy

First of all, an apology to at least one person (David from Rishton, we think) who didn’t manage to reach Cobble Hey Farm today.  It seems that some peoples’ satnavs led them unerringly to the farm, while others’ took them to Calder Vale village itself.  We think that David was in the village, but did not manage to follow Roger’s or Mark’s car to the farm.  I have checked the postcode and co-ordinates since, and they are correct.  That said, the very rainy forecast, plus the rain while we were getting ready, made me think it was going to be déjà vu all over again, like last Wednesday.  In the event, the rain stopped around lunchtime, and we were not walking through water all the time – but the mud was a constant, once again.  Nevertheless, the clouds were not too low, so the distant views were nice in this pleasantly rolling part of the world, and we went through lots of attractive woodland, so the 17 of us had a pleasant day.

Apparently, Cobble Hey Farm is a lapwing conservation centre, and we did see some of these lovely birds as we set off north to Calder Vale village, where Derek told us about the success of the local mill, which weaves headscarves for Arabs.  Then it was carrying on northward to Kelbrick Farm, with our first break taken shortly after.  Continuing across the fields, we then came to Barnacre Moor, but soon turned east to Oakenclough.  By this time we had seen numerous small lambs, some with coats on, all looking for a feed.  From Oakenclough it was southward along some lanes, before we were in the fields again, heading east to Rough Moor and Bleasdale Tower, where we had lunch in a delightful small garden area.  We continued through pleasant woodland, and then were in the open, with extensive views to Bleasdale and Fair Snape Fells.  After passing a a lovely ‘packhorse’ bridge, we came to Bleasdale village itself.

Now heading south, we were soon in more woodland, passing an interesting archery range before entering the well-named Boggy Wood, with the River Brock rushing along in the valley below.  More woodlands followed, which all looked set fair to be full of bluebells in a month or so.  Out of the woodland on to Brock Mill Lane, we were then soon heading north across the fields to Foggs Farm and then up what seemed to me a very long lane back to Cobble Hey.  The owners had very kindly opened the café specially for us, so we feasted on lovely scones, tea and coffee, ending what turned out to be a very nice walk on an unpromising day, thanks to Roy – and thanks to Mark for being my personal ‘packhorse’ today.

(Write up Arnold, pics Judy.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. I think we should have a caption competition for the 3 guys on the bench – fantastic expressions!

    • arnolds

      Indeed. ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ is the obvious one. When I was putting the pics on, I did think of putting a caption on the previous pic (3 ladies), saying ‘Which of these 3 …’ and another on the chaps pic ‘… would you match with these 3?’ – but I thought I would get into trouble!

    • arnolds

      Switching from small screen to large screen, I’m surprised that nobody has suggested ‘The Good, the Bad & the Ugly’. Perhaps it is the difficulty of saying who is which?!?!

  2. arnolds

    Interestingly, Cobble Hey’s website says: “If you are going to use your sat nav, please follow the brown flower signs.”

    Clearly we did not do that!

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