Clapham 14-09-2016 – Leader Derek

Clapham 14-09-2016 – Leader Derek

What a Wednesday!!  Lovely blue skies, 23°C – but mostly with a nice cooling wind – and the best views that we will ever have in this favourite part of our world.  Among the 20 today was Derek’s pal Eric – lovely to see him again.  As we were gathering for the walk, we also met Ian and Ken, who used to walk with us, so it was nice to have a chat with them.  The early part of the walk was through the 65p entry Ingleborough Estate nature trail.  Interesting to note from the leaflet that botanist Reginald Farrer fired seeds at the cliff face from a shotgun, to give a ‘natural’ spread of his rock plants!  Climbing alongside Clapham Beck, we passed Ingleborough Cave and continued to climb out of the woods, with lovely views.  We were now on the Pennine Bridleway, which we followed to our banana break.

After our break we headed north and began to gain terrific views of Ingleborough to the west and Pen-y-Ghent to the east as we traversed the extensive limestone pavement in this area.  Discussions of grikes/grykes and clints ensued, and I think I managed to persuade Mary that clints always face Eastwood!  The truth is here.  We reached Nick Pot, the highest point of the walk at 1350 feet, and turned east to Sulber Nick in the Ingleborough National Nature Reserve, where we had lunch, in a splendidly scenic spot.

After lunch we headed south and then west, across more limestone, to reach the highlight of the walk – Moughton Scars, which enclose Crummack Dale itself.  The views as we walked down into the Dale are unforgettable.  We headed south, still with lovely views, to reach Wharfe, where we turned west to bypass Austwick to the north along a green lane.  Sneaky Derek had put in what he called “a sting in the tail”, as this part of the Pennine Bridleway climbed for about 250 feet before dropping to the very dark tunnel that led us back to the church and the cars.  Refreshments were taken in the café bar near the car park, to end a truly memorable day, thanks to Derek.

(Pics & write up Arnold.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

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  1. Graeme Adlum

    A superb walk – thanks Derek.

    Great write up and photo’s – well done Arnold.

  2. Thanks yet again to Arnold for both photos and write-up.

  3. Jenny Bruffell

    Thank you for taking us on a superb walk Derek. The weather certainly did justice to the magnificent scenery. Top photos once again Arnold.

  4. What fabulous pictures of what must have been a glorious walk on a beautiful day!

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