Clough Head 25-07-2018 – Leader Rob

Clough Head 25-07-2018 – Leader Rob

Even Rob the rainmaker couldn’t make a dent in today’s gloriously warm and sunny forecast, and the 27 who walked today were grateful.  You won’t find 27 on the start pic, though, as Jean’s granddaughter Sophie was hiding somewhere – probably with Ann – and Dougie was also AWOL.  Rob welcomed Stephen for his first Wednesday walk with us today, and we hope to see him again soon.  Who knows, he could be in the Chair by October, as Rosemary announced that she was stepping down at the AGM.  After carefully crossing the busy Grane Road, we descended to Rothwell Fold, where Rob told us the history of the small Methodist cemetery there, and also about the 1926 movement of St Stephen’s C of E church from nearby to opposite the Holden Arms!

Getting down to reservoir level, Graeme photographed some industrial relics – some of them moving – before we climbed steeply through the heather and whinberries up Musbury Heights to Hog Lowe Pike, where we took our first break.  The views on the way up and from the trig point were splendid, and were very well captured by Graeme.  After getting our breath back, we spotted an unusual ‘Woodland Welcome’ waymarker on a stile, which I can only assume was installed by the Woodland Trust, but I cannot find any proof.  Does anybody else know the answer?  Whatever, we descended south to Broadhead, passing a splendid eco house en-route.  We contoured past Lower House and then along and around The Naze, heading back north to reach our lunch spot, with splendid views over big landscapes, including a view of Hog Lowe Pike again.

After lunch we continued north past Longshoot Farm, where the main event of the day took place, i.e. an encounter with a herd of inquisitive young cows, plus their attendant young bull.  The first group got through this area without seeing the cattle, but the group containing yours truly was waylaid by them, and they got in between us and a gate behind which the first group had gathered.  Thanks to our resident countryman Andy, who shooed them away, our group got through the gate OK.  However, our hearts were in our mouths when the bull began pawing the ground, with the other group still behind.  Again, Andy came to our rescue, and the group passed through safely, giving Stephen and yours truly some excellent photo opportunities.

Excitement over, it was across Broadhead Road and east across Edgerton Moss back to Haslingden Grane and the reservoirs.  Above Calf Hey Reservoir we passed some ruined weavers’ cottages and the remains of a farm, indicating that there is a lot of history in this area, which Is well described here.  Refreshments outside the excellent visitor centre café (a café with a heart) finished off a superb walk on a lovely day, thanks to Rob.  Thanks also to Ann for her assiduous back marking – not easy with so many walkers – and to Graeme for recording the day so well.

Write up Arnold, pics Graeme, plus Jenny (start pic), bullish contributions from Stephen & Arnold, and final pic from David C.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.

If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here.  You will need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show.


  1. Rosemary

    Many thanks Rob for a great walk on a lovely summer day. Graeme’s photos captured the walk very well. I liked Stephen’s pics of the bull & his harem.

  2. Thanks to Arnold for, as usual, an excellent write-up and to Graeme for some fine photos. An enjoyable day!

  3. Stephen Dutch

    I really enjoyed my first Wednesday walk with the group, everybody was really friendly, chatty and made me feel welcome. The walk and the weather was excellent too. It was nice to see others taking pics too as it’s usually just me in my group!

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