Clowbridge 07-01-2018 Leader Roy

Clowbridge 07-01-2018  Leader Roy

What a fantastic day for our walk!

On a crisp, but fabulously sunny morning, we met on Limey Lane, a little unsettled by the number of cars present. Poor Angela had cracked a rib while gardening, so Roy lead us down the track, past all the dog walkers who weren’t destined to join us, and up onto the moor.

The sun was directly in our eyes, so despite the opportunity for amazing views, we had our heads down, avoiding the sun, and watching where we put our feet in what were at times, treacherous conditions.

We soon arrived at Compton’s Cross, a marker post on The Rossendale Way, and at which Martin tried for some time to decipher the writing on the base. Samuel Compton was a JP and Mayor of Rawtenstall who was given the freedom of the borough in 1919. We didn’t notice the remains of two other more ancient crosses, believed to have marked the junction of two old packhorse trails.

The photographer has to admit that she didn’t follow the route well….she blames the sun in her eyes, but there was a lot of chatter! However, the group did go over the moor, following the Rossendale Way (I think), past Peers Clough Farm and then dropped down into Lumb, where we stopped for a break on the Millenium Green. Here Dougie mentioned the interesting farming land that we’d passed which evidenced the old way of maximising available land (I’d seen it, but failed to take a picture) and he also stated that during the war the locals grew wheat on what’s now the Green. Incredible that this, at times, inhospitable landscape could support crop growing!

As the sun was rising, and the temperature increasing, so was the mud, and conditions underfoot were getting back to our more familiar ones as we skirted Swinshaw Moor. We gave Mary and Roy a short, but well earned, rest before encountering a particularly tricky icy stretch as we dropped down to Goodshaw. We rejoined the Rossendale Way, with Dougie pointing out the old drift mines and ginny track on Goodshaw Hill behind us. Turning North, we had amazing views over a very still Clowbridge Reservoir. I’m sure Rosemary was tempted to wild swim but she heeded the notice.

Dougie peeled off to do a longer walk. Graham and Martin (lovely seeing you, Martin – hope it’s not so long before you join us again) also decided to forego the meal at the New Waggoners. Angela and Robert came to join us for the meal, and all in all it was a ‘reet good do’.

Thanks to Roy for stepping in as leader at the last minute, to Ursula for organising the meal, to Angela for doing the initial recce – we hope you recover soon, and (as in pre 2016 Oscar speeches) thank you all for coming!

Write up Gill, pics Gill


Slide show below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here. You may need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show – but at least it is full screen!


  1. Rosemary

    A very enjoyable first Sunday walk of the New Year. Thanks Roy for leading the walk at short notice. Good write up Gill with some excellent photos. Thanks Ursula for organising the meal. Hope you will soon be feeling more comfortable Angela.

  2. A really enjoyable day thanks everyone. Great pics and write up Gill – you managed the new instructions!

  3. Well done all round, as Gill says. An excellent turnout once again, and a nice looking meal at the end. I think Mary & Roy were kipping on our old sofa! Lovely pictures, Gill – especially the shadows on the reservoir wall – and well done for getting the slideshow to work.

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