Colne 06-09-2017 – Leader Graham

Colne 06-09-2017 – Leader Graham

In fairness to Graham, he did tell us to wear our gaiters – but only when we arrived at the car park.  As we will see later, thigh waders would have been more useful!  A massive 28 turned out today, including a number of our group who did the 50th Round the Hills walk on Sunday; well done to them.  Heading north from Ball Grove car park, Graham took us over busy Keighley Road and past Colne Golf Club.  Along the way, some of us admired an old Riley, with splendid spoked wheels, and we also came across the first of many farm animals that we were to see today.  As we will see, there were a number of frisky fillies, some of them with 4 legs!  By the time we reached the golf club, the views were already more than pleasant, and they remained so all day.  Continuing north across the fields and past several farms, we took our first break near Earl Hall Farm, tucking in to Paul’s delicious flapjacks.

After the break we gently climbed due east for a mile or so, before turning north west onto Kelbrook Moor at around 1100 feet, where the fun began!  The moor was full of colourful heather, but also very boggy, so much so that a number of us went in over our boots, and poor Bonner sank like a stone at one point.  Paul pulled him out, and also got rather wet for his pains.  Fortunately, Roy lent Bonner a fleece, so that he could get out of his wet shirt, so no harm was done.  Continuing on to Roger Moor(!), the heathery views continued as we descended to Cob Lane, where we turned west across the fields to reach the Leeds & Liverpool canal, where we had lunch.  When I say ‘turned west across the fields’, I really mean that we scaled what seemed like dozens of mighty stone stiles, as you will see from the pictures.

Lunch over, we crossed the canal and continued west for a while, before we turned south to Foulridge Wharf and Foulridge itself, with a view of one of the reservoirs.  It was then an easy stroll past Noyna Hall Farm to the golf club again, and thence back to the car park.  Refreshments were cheerfully served at the Lakeside Café, and we ate them outside in the balmy weather, to end a splendidly scenic, sometimes soggy stroll, thanks to Graham.  Thanks to Steve for his splendid pics, which captured all the action!

(Write up Arnold, pics Steve.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. Andy was down on one knee in front of Liz on the Silsden walk. Obviously still there! Thankfully we all got back to the cars and didn’t disappear without trace in the boggy moor. Thanks Graham, Steve and Arnold.

  2. A good one Graham,well done

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