Colne 20-06-2018 – Leader Graham

Colne 20-06-2018 – Leader Graham

On a day of two halves weather-wise, Graham pulled out yet another different walk from Ball Grove Park, thoroughly enjoyed by 16 ramblers today.  Although it was heavy blowing drizzle until after an early lunch, making photos something of a lottery, the afternoon was increasingly fine, so we finished in the warm bright sunshine to which we have become accustomed this summer.

From the park, Graham led us east along Colne Water to the weir – now modified to include a fish pass – and past an almost totally dry area that is normally a dipping pond or some such.  We were soon on the Pendle Way, and within 45 minutes of the start we were in the conservation village of Wycoller, with its old cottages, bridges, and ruined hall.  A wet coffee break was taken near the hall, before continuing south on the Brontë Way before a sharp right to take us down to the edge of the Forest of Trawden, spotting a rather large bull en-route.  We continued south and west along the edge of the moor, with Boulsworth Hill above us, but covered in low cloud.

Lunch was taken in the lee of a barn, before we continued on the Brontë Way to the edge of Deerstone Moor, where we caught up with the errant John, Joe, and Rob, who had all raced on ahead.  Into the woodland we went, now in dry conditions, giving us a very pleasant and sheltered walk to Alder Hurst Head and Oaken Bank.  Then it was west to Slitterforth Farm, before heading north through a number of farms ending at Church Clough Farm.  Along this stretch Graham pointed out a new artwork on the flank of Pendle Hill, commemorating the end of WWI in 1918 – see here.  When we reached a minor road near the final farm, Graham offered us a longer and a shorter route back to Ball Grove: guess which one we took?

The shorter route was nicely along Colne Water to Carry Bridge, and on to Ball Grove Park (which once housed one of the largest light tanneries in Europe), where refreshments were very pleasantly taken at The Lakeside Café, sitting in the sunshine at the side of the lake.  So ended an excellent day, thanks to Graham, and to David C, photographer and back marker.

Write up Arnold, pics David C.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.

If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here.  You will need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show.

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  1. Great walk Grahame ~ you have certainly got value for money out of Ball Grove Park, and made it worthwhile getting a ‘Lakeside Café’ loyalty card! Humble suggestion ~ I am more than willing to do walk recce’s with you instead of you using the 2 J’s. The group would then probably stay together until nearing the end of the walk ~ I had to really step out in order to be fourth ~ fourth ~ in the café!

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