Cowling 29-11-2017 – Leaders Tom & Gill

Cowling 29-11-2017 – Leaders Tom & Gill

On the coldest start to a walk this year, with a tears-to-the-eyes wind, Tom & Gill led the 22 of us along Gill Lane, past Gill Top Farm, to Gill Bridge!!  Around here the views are dominated by the so-called Slippery Ford Pinnacles of Wainman’s Pinnacle and Lund’s Tower – also called the salt and pepper pots – and throughout the whole walk the views were of lovely rolling countryside, set off by the bright but low sunshine.  I made the mistake of saying to camera person Viv that the lighting conditions were not good for photography, but – as you will see – she made a liar out of me.  Following the surgical gloves tip from the Mountain Rescue people at our AGM, Judy had brought some surgical gloves and kindly gave me a pair.  Perhaps they kept my hands warmer than usual, but I found them quite peculiar to wear – somewhat sweaty and rather obscene-looking.

Anyway, gloves and all, we headed north on the Pennine Way through Low Stubbing and High Stubbing to cross Surgill Beck via a ford, and continued to the pretty village of Lothersdale.  Leaving the Pennine Way at this point, our first break was taken just above the village, with a wall affording some shelter.  Throughout much of the walk, the conditions underfoot were a little treacherous with the mud – though it was not particularly deep – and early on Judy came a cropper when stepping onto an icy road, but – as she said – she landed on a well-padded part of her anatomy!

Continuing across the fields, now heading north east, we soon came to Elslack Moor and Pinhaw Beacon, the highest point of our walk at 1260 feet (388 m).  From there, John D led us to Robert Wilson’s grave, which we sadly gazed upon, even thinking of saying a prayer for him.  In the event, Steve said ‘God bless’, which seemed appropriate.  We now headed east on the Pennine Way again, soon to find a heather covered depression where we had a long and lazy lunch.  I offered the fortifying flask, but there was only one taker, so it was clearly not cold enough for the others.

After the break, we continued across the moor and then turned south, still on the Pennine Way, and back to Lothersdale again, this time passing the historic Wilson’s Mill with its imposing chimney.  Then we followed Lothersdale Beck down to cross Surgill Beck again, on a footbridge this time, and thence to Cowling Hill, continuing to meet our outward track.  The walk was only a little over 8 miles, but the slippery conditions made it feel more than that, so nobody felt short-changed.  Refreshments were taken at Sainsbury’s in Colne, to end a really lovely day, thanks to our joint leaders Tom & Gill.  Thanks also to Viv for her excellent camera work, and to the various walkers who back marked.

(Write up Arnold, pics Viv.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

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  1. Lovely write up, Arnold. Thank you so much for doing it for me. Great photos too, Viv …..though I’m not happy with a couple of them!

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