Edisford Bridge 27-05-2018 – Leader Tom

Edisford Bridge 27-05-2018 – Leader Tom

On yet another beautiful wedding day (congratulations to Angela and Neil!), 8 turned up at Edisford Bridge without much clue as to where the walk would take us…..but we started along the Ribble Way, alongside the river, to the pretty village of West Bradford, where Mahatma Gandhi stayed in 1931.  We headed towards Eaves Hall, striking left at Old Town Head onto a section of the Lancashire Witches Walk. We had our elevenses in a buttercup field, before heading upwards and onwards to Dove Syke and beyond.

When we got to Cuttock Clough Farm, we were on fairly familiar territory as Roy had led a walk through here back in January. We crossed the Fell Road, past Rushy Well and lunched at the derelict barn on Burbles Hill, with a fantastic view towards Pendle.  By this time, I was feeling pretty relaxed – though a little miffed that we hadn’t had to wade through a bog. ….. there was still time, however!

By the time we’d dropped down to Talbot Bridge (the Talbots were granted the manor of Bashall in 1253, and they lived in Bashall Hall), I’d given up hope of mud on our boots.  The final opportunity was a field which was gloriously yellow with buttercups – so I’ll forgive the field for being so wet when we did the recce.   I made an elementary mistake and forced our leader to go left instead of right – so we had to open and close the same gate twice (just to practise) and headed to Saddle Bridge, so called because it is shaped like a saddle!  It’s also known as Fairy Bridge and legend has it that it was built overnight to aid the escape of a woodcutter from a pursuing witch.

We passed Bashall Hall, where we were given information by Anne and Roy about its links with Cromwell, but I haven’t been able to find any reference to this – although it has been repeated to us anecdotally since.  From the beautiful hall, it was a straightforward walk back to the cars, crossing Edisford Bridge where the river was full of families enjoying the fabulous weather.

Two flowers we spotted:  Brooklime – by the side of a stream – edible apparently   and Silverweed  – also edible and which Anne correctly identified.

So – in summary, we went along a river, over a few fields, up a bit of Waddington Fell, went wrong, saw loads of buttercups, had a wonderful walk – AND THERE WAS NO MUD!

Write up Gill, pics Steve (thank you, Steve).

If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

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  1. Arnold

    What a lovely acknowledgement of Angela & Neil’s wedding, Gill, plus an amusing and informative write up. Excellent pics from Steve.

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