Embsay 22-11-2017 – Leader Jean

Embsay 22-11-2017 – Leader Jean

Who believes weather forecasts?  Obviously not John, as he arrived today without a waterproof or a hat – but Roy came to his rescue.  The 16 brave souls who assembled at Embsay were expecting the worst, and were pleased when Jean said that she would probably cut the walk down to 8 miles.  In the event, as the weather proved to be quite balmy and not very wet, she gave us the full 10 miles for our money.  The only real weather issue was the strong wind at times, especially at our first break at around 1400 feet – the highest point of the walk.  To get there, Jean led us due north out of Embsay, and we climbed steadily for 800 feet across Embsay Moor, with surprisingly good distant views along the way, and lots of grouse – but not from the walkers.

With there being little shelter from the wind, we were rather cool as we set off again, this time heading east and downward to cross the dam at Upper Barden Reservoir, with the rather Hitchcock-like house overlooking us.  Here we turned 90º right to cross more moorland, passing the oddly-named Brass Castle to reach Lower Barden Reservoir.  Given the amount of water flowing down Barden Beck, Jean wisely opted to cross the beck by the footbridge at the end of the reservoir.  Then it was up a solid track to our lunch stop, with lovely views across the moor and the fields in front of us.

Now it was south on a good track again to exit the access land near Black Hill, and thence down Moor Lane to Halton East, where we turned westward through Calm Slate Farm, aka Billy Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour, a great place for kids.  I believe that Roy was the only one of us who bought an ice cream today!  After this it was more or less west, encountering some muddy areas in places, and back to the cars at Embsay.  Refreshments were taken at Christmas-decorated Delicious Deli and Café at Gisburn, to end a surprisingly good day, thanks to Jean and the weather gods.  Mark bravely took on the cameraman job, and did very well in the conditions.

(Write up Arnold, pics Mark.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

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  1. Graeme Adlum

    Yes the weather was much better than forecast resulting in a very enjoyable walk. Thank you Jean.

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