Friday 30 June ~ Animal Magic! ~ Leader Derek

Friday 30 June ~ Animal Magic! ~ Leader Derek

A select group of eleven assembled in the car park at Gisburn for a truly delightful walk in the shadow of Pendle Hill. My intention was to be there in good time in order to make my pie purchases from the Delicious Deli & Café’ before we caught the bus; however, my plans were thwarted by a delivery of kitchen units, a JCB and the Friday refuse collection on the estate ~ can’t wait until all building work has been completed. All this meant that I was perhaps the last person to arrive, and was met by ‘Roy Boy’ with a beaming smile across his face having already bought three pies! Clearly, he is no Fanny Craddock in the kitchen! By the time we got to the bus stop we had nearly cleaned out the Deli of pies. I tried to negotiate a personal discount for bringing them so much custom, but on this occasion my natural charm didn’t work, and I was given short shrift ~ disappointing, but I will try again on a future date.

On arrival at Chatburn I gave my usual address, and as a slight hint of my intentions, placed my whistle about me. Unfortunately, as divine judgement, I managed to leave my walking pole at the bus stop, and could not understand a symbol that had appeared on my camera. Joe kindly picked up my pole, but I then could not lengthen it. In typical engineering fashion, I applied a bit of brute force and stripped the thread on one section ~ pole now in bin! As for the camera, I thought I had sorted it, but I hadn’t, with the consequence that there are no photographs from the first stages of the walk. Somewhat disillusioned we walked out of Chatburn towards the A59. My mood improved immensely, when after only a few hundred yards half the group walk up the hill when they should have stayed alongside the beck ~ they were warned. Life’s little pleasures!

Anyway, after some care we managed to negotiate the A59 and walk around Worsaw Hill, which is a Limestone reef knoll that was formed over 300 million years ago in the Carboniferous period, and is complete with a Bronze Age burial mound. Further on we passed Worsaw End Farm, which featured as ‘Bostock’s Farm’ in the 1961 film ‘Whistle Down The Wind’. Elevenses were taken by the side of Downham Beck, having paid a short visit to the award winning Downham Public toilets. For those who are not familiar with Downham, then the village website is worth a visit ~ click here. For some reason Joe and ‘Honest John’ decided to sit some distance away ~ was it something I said?

As we continued our walk several members of the group took it upon themselves to go ahead of me and, regrettably, managed to stop at every possible bifurcation of the path with a very cocky ‘I know where you are going’ look. However, in true Del’boy style, I managed to catch them out as some of us ascended the hill over to Hecklin Farm, and others walked on to Twiston Beck. Just as we were about to walk up to Coolham, we were greeted by a flock of sheep on a mission ~ see photos. At ‘Honest John’s’ request, he was tiring, lunch was taken on top of a water tank just above Coolham. Following lunch we had a steady trudge across Rimington Moor to Bale Hill from where it was pretty much downhill to Gisburn. At the behest of Roy we took the scenic route to Beck Side Farm, but I think that we would have been better sticking to the road ~ we could not ford the beck, and the farm gate/stile was troublesome. I had done a recce of all the options, but they would not listen! As we headed towards Eel Beck, it was ‘Honest John’s’ turn to interfere, as he took us through a bridleway gate rather than over a ladder stile, but had to return due deep mud. At some point over this section Dave took a tumble and bruised his leg ~ I am sure that we hope that it will not have a detrimental effect on his ability to complete the London to Paris cycle ride at the end of the month.

The descent to Gisburn went without further mishap, where tea, cake and ice cream were taken at the ‘Delicious Deli & Café’. Whilst there were no pies left, further purchases were made ~ gin! Still think I should get a discount card.

For those interested in the statistics, then according to me we walked at total of 10.64 ‘Garmin’ miles, with 461 metres of ascent. Especially for David, ‘You were made to soar, to crash to earth, then to rise and soar again’ ~ Alfred Wainwright.

If I can come up with one, then the next linear walk will take place on Friday 28 July.

(Report and photographs by Derek)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.



  1. Derek

    Unfortunately the animal magic is the photos! Perhaps I should change it to ‘a day of misfortunes’!

  2. Arnold

    Sounds like an interesting walk, but I don’t get the ‘animal magic’ title.

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