Rainbow Warriors? – 30-09-2016 – Leader Derek

Rainbow Warriors? – 30-09-2016 – Leader Derek

The title has nothing to do with Greenpeace or Operation Satanique [look it up!], or for that matter  Girlguiding, where I am told that five to seven year olds can have ‘lots of fun’ and get ‘messy’, although I am beginning to think we should consider handing out badges ~ suggestions on a postcard!  The title comes from the fact that we were treated to a truly amazing display of rainbows, including one ‘double’ rainbow, which is meant to be a sign of good fortune.  Regrettably, the photographs do not do them justice ~ you should have been there.  The accompanying rain was, however, a bit of a challenge.

Anyway, enough of the waffle; ten walkers turned up at Barnoldswick for this month’s linear walk.  As misfortune would have it, the bus I intended to catch was on time so we missed it, and had to wait a few minutes for the alternative service.  I tried to blame the Tumeltys, but Judy was not having it, claiming that they were JIT, and it was my fault for not allowing sufficient [Judy?] time.  Whilst waiting at the bus stop, ‘John Boy’ took great pleasure in reminding me that the last time we went in the general direction of Broughton, I managed to get everyone off the bus in the middle of nowhere, which resulted in a rather precarious walk along the A59.  This time I did succeed in getting everyone off at the correct stop, but crossing the road was not without difficulty.  The group photograph was taken in the grounds of Broughton Park, and for those who cannot be bothered to look at the photos, unusually we were graced with the presence of our Walks Co-ordinator, Jean, who made her presence felt throughout the day, with helpful (really? ed) advice and comments.

We set off through the park and up Greenber Hill, but had not gone far before the heavens opened, which was to become a recurrent feature of the day, along with quite a chilly breeze.  There was a slight break in the weather just as we were approaching Carlton Lane, which gave us a short opportunity to have our elevenses.  The rain came down again, so it was heads down as we progressed up towards Herd Stock Hill, and then down the lane to the Pennine Way.  As we climbed up towards Pinhaw Beacon, a bit of blue sky appeared, so we (Roy) decided that we should have our lunch in the corner of a field not far from Kirk Sykes Farm ~ not quite making hay whilst the sun shone, but near enough!  After lunch it was up to the trig point on Pinhaw Beacon, via Robert Wilson’s Grave, which was kindly located by John, with Joe discovering the geocache.  Unfortunately, Jean’s back legs were fading at this point, so she stayed on the path and waited for our return, safe in the knowledge that it was nearly impossible for me to find an alternative route ~ though I did try.

The walk went steadily downhill to Earby from then on.  As we walked down Gaylands Lane, we passed a fence with a considerable number of dead moles attached, which caused consternation to some.  This practice is common, and is a bit of a throwback to the olden days where mole catchers would show off their work to get paid, and to elicit new customers.  It has also been suggested that it is a warning to Ramblers of what might happen if they stray off the footpath ~ Roy please take note!  Just to please the aforementioned Roy, and for that matter Jean, we walked down to Cockshott Bridge and re-entered Barnoldswick via the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.  By way of recompense, we visited Victoria’s Tea Rooms after de-booting.  As per usual I was first in, and served, before anyone else arrived, which gave me time to persuade one of the waitresses to play a little trick on the rest.

When Roy and Joe came through the door she told them that they were closing early ~ Roy’s eyes welled up – bless!

For those interested in the statistics, according to my devices we walked a total of 11.62 miles, with 497 metres of ascent.

The next linear walk will take place on Friday 28 October ~ please try to be on time!

(Report and photographs by Derek)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.



  1. Maybe JIT plus 5 minutes next time! A very picturesque walk, when we could see it, and amazing photos for the conditions.

  2. arnolds

    A catchy title, Derek, and some excellent links.

    PS I think the mole you feature must have died of starvation, as one can see its ribs!!

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