A Day of Kindness! ~ Friday 31 March ~ Leader Derek

A Day of Kindness! ~ Friday 31 March ~ Leader Derek

Summary: walked from Clitheroe to Padiham ~ nice weather but muddy underfoot.

A small, but very select group of eight met in Padiham for the first of the 2017 linear walks.  Jeff, from Burnley, was already on the bus when we boarded ~ welcome back, although I suspect that very few of the current members will remember him.  Unbeknown to me it was ‘Kindness Day UK’, and it was suggested that I should take due note!  Sorry, but I had not managed to prepare myself for such an event.  However, the ‘World Kindness Movement’ has decreed that the World Kindness Day is to be held 13 November ~ I will start preparing now.

We were also graced by the presence of Lou [aka Best Landlady in the Ribble Valley], who – when returning home – had to lie in a dark room after paying over a fiver for a single ticket to Clitheroe.  Perhaps Lou should at least take solace from the fact that she is nowhere near the eligibility criteria for a bus pass.

We set off by walking up to Clitheroe Castle, which surprisingly was a place that some people had never ventured.  Of course this detour, which in my view should earn a day of kindness star, resulted in the walk being marginally above the advertised mileage.  After our wander around the Norman castle, we descended to the former Rose Garden and the ‘Pinnacle’.  The monument came from the Palace of Westminster to Clitheroe in 1937 during the last major phase of fabric repair works there.  It was a gift, to the then Borough of Clitheroe, from the town’s longest modern day member of Parliament, Sir William Brass, and was donated by him to commemorate the Coronation of King George VI.  On leaving the castle grounds we headed towards Primrose, and joined the Ribble Way in the direction of Whalley.  At SD 73440 40571 [another act of kindness towards our Footpath Officer], we noted a footbridge problem, but not sure why we were not allowed over the adjacent concrete bridge!  On our arrival at Shuttleworth Farm quite a few members of the group made a UDI, and went the wrong way, but only to prove that a ‘No Fatties’ sign on the gate did not apply to them ~ John seemed pleased!  For reasons of personal safety and wellbeing, I will make no comment on who did not go through the gate.

Our elevenses were taken a short distance before joining the Roman Road between Whalley and Clitheroe, and well away from a rather foul smelling pond, presumably belonging to aforementioned farm.  After our short break, there was a testing stretch of path over a bit of mud, where I gave suitable encouragement to all participants.  To be fair, by Big Mac’s standards, it was nothing!

On reaching the B6246 we took a left, and headed towards Brook House Farm, which yet again proved to be my bête noire.  I had previously explained to everyone that on my recce I was told that the path through the field to the farm had been closed, and that I should have gone down the access road.  I was then directed on my way over Barrow Brook and to the crossing over the railway line.  On this occasion I was informed that the path I had walked previously had been re-routed some time ago ~ these things are sent to try us, but I would have appreciated a bit of consistency!  MARIO (Maps And Related Information Online – a very useful Lancs County website)  suggests that the farmer (?) was correct; however, the path through the field, whilst slightly diverted, still exists.

Lunch was taken in Wiswell, which according to ‘Northern Life’ should be pronounced as Wizzle.  The village is said to have taken its name from Old Molly’s Well, later known as the wise woman’s well.  Again, please note yet another act of kindness, the provision of benches for all.  However, my act of kindness did not extend to letting Big Mac finish his lunch, which he whinged about for the rest of the day ~ the walk information did mention that we were not to dawdle!

Getting fed-up now! (Who – you doing the report, or the walkers you were leading? ed.)  After lunch it was up towards Wiswell Wireless Station, then down to Wiswell Moor Bottom, then up and over Hodgeon Stone Plantation, and then down to Houlker’s Farm on millionaires’ row.  Clearly, someone associated with the farm has an artistic bent ~ see photos.  From Read it was downwards to Altham Bridge, and along a rather littered section of the River Calder back to Padiham, for tea and cake at Mooch café.  Because a bit of dawdling had taken place, we were rather on the last minute, and grateful for permission to enter the café complete with muddy boots.

For those interested in the statistics, then according to me we walked at total of 11.8 ‘Satmap’ miles, with 327 metres of ascent.  Remember, ‘If you want to know if your brain is flabby, feel your legs.’ ~ Bruce Barton.

The next linear walk will take place on Friday 28 April.

(Report and photographs by Derek)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. Oh how I’ve missed the linear walks over the winter…. Great day and er, interesting write up.

  2. Absolutely Jenny – glad someone appreciates me! As for Arnold’s comment – yes, got fed up with doing the report. Could never get fed up of walking with the Rossendale Ramblers!

  3. Excellent and very amusing write up Derek. I thought it was always Kindness Day with you!

  4. arnolds

    Well done to Derek for doing all of the work involved in putting a walk report and pictures on our website. We now have 3 fully trained assistant web persons in our group, giving us great resilience when I tipple my toptails once again, as I am bound to do! Amusing write up, too.

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