Haslingden Cricket Club 21-06-2018 – Leader Graeme

Haslingden Cricket Club 21-06-2018 – Leader Graeme

On another really lovely evening, 27 people turned out for the fourth walk in our series.  The setting for the start of the walk could not have been better, with the hills behind the cricket ground, and the seniors having a practice.  There were 10 Rossie Ramblers present, half of whom only generally do our shorter walks, so that was nice to see.

As promised, Graeme took us along Clod Lane before taking a field path down to Ewood Bridge, then a river path to Irwell Vale and the ELR station.  Another field path was then taken to Edenfield over a ladder stile and through some overgrown vegetation.  We then followed Hardsough Lane (track) and a B road back to Ewood Bridge.  Another river path took us to Townsend Fold and Holme Wood, with Graeme explaining how erosion had destroyed the riverside path.  It was only restored when it became clear that the erosion was about to make the ELR line collapse!  We carefully crossed the A682 and returned to the cricket club via Private Lane, bang on time.

After this most pleasant walk, 20 people enjoyed a sociable drink in the cricket club afterwards, and we were even allowed to tuck into the sandwiches provided for the team!  It was difficult to prise us out of the bar at the end, which spoke volumes for the lovely evening that Graeme had provided on this, his first walk as a leader with Rossendale Ramblers; he has set a very high bar for himself!   Many thanks to Graeme for a very successful 4.4 mile walk with 400 feet of ascent, and to all those who joined us.

The next short walk in the series is on Thursday 5 July, starting from the Duckworth Arms in Ramsbottom.  Further details will be on the website in due course.


  1. I did notice that there were no takers for world naked hiking day – I wonder why? Well done Graeme, it was a good walk on a lovely evening.

  2. arnolds

    I forgot to say that at the start of the walk Graeme told us that 21 June was not only the longest day, but also that it was world naked hiking day! The curious can read more here –>> https://thetrek.co/hike_naked_day_2015/

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