Higham 13-08-2017 – Leader Tom

Higham 13-08-2017  – Leader Tom

As I’m writing this, the weather’s awful; when Gill and I did the last recce on Saturday, the weather was awful; on Sunday, though, the weather couldn’t have been much better, so a few of the eight who joined us must have done something good!

We set off from The Four Alls pub in Higham and made our way up to Copthurst Farm, and then on to Back Lane via a very dodgy little path.  Heading down to Dean Farm and then on to Wood House and Ratten Clough,  we had glorious views of the heather on the hills, and fantastic views towards Sabden and beyond, as the track brought us to Churn Clough Reservoir at exactly eleven o’clock.  We sat and enjoyed our elevenses while some debated ‘Clough’ – most people say it as in Brian Clough, but in many parts of Lancashire, it rhymes with ‘through’ – take yer pick!

From there we headed up, in a northerly direction, through bracken and over rough and open moorland, to join the track leading from the Nick up to the top of Pendle.  With such a clear day, we were able to spot Deepdale and the coast, and we waved to the man at the top of Blackpool Tower.  The co-leader missed the track to Ogden Clough (that word again), but she was corrected, and we took our lunch in an idyllic spot down by the river.

Having seen no one else up to this point, we now met several groups of walkers following the clough up from Barley.  Roy went off to put 4 ladies straight, but they were having none of his advice, so we hope they managed to get to the top of Pendle.

Following the river down towards the Ogden Clough reservoirs, we had a short debate as to whether we should avoid the steep track through the trees, but Tom lost, so we followed the Lancashire Witch Way up the steps in Fell Wood and down the fields to Newchurch in Pendle, and thence back to Higham.

It was lovely having Angela and Neil with us, newly affianced, but not breaking Ramblers’ etiquette once – to our knowledge.  Neil will be slightly concerned that Angela thought the pig was beautiful.  We all wish Angela and Neil every happiness for the future.

Not so eagle eyed viewers will notice a set of three similar pics….can you guess what the 3 ramblers were trying to say?

Overall. a most enjoyable day, thanks to the weather and the company!


(Write up Tom (with extra bits by Gill), pics Gill)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


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  1. Rosemary

    Thanks Tom for a picturesque walk on a warm sunny day. It was good to see Angela & Neil & share their happy news. We were treated to cream teas at the end of te walk courtesy of Gill.

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