Hindley 28-06-2017 – Leader Rob

Hindley 28-06-2017 – Leader Rob

A surprisingly scenic sylvan stroll, an amazingly arable amble, and a relentlessly rainy Rob ramble would all perfectly well describe the walk that 12 of us experienced (enjoyed?) today.  To be fair, although it rained absolutely all day, it was gentle for the first hour and a half, and even after that it was straight down, with no wind, so it really wasn’t a problem.  More of a problem were the several miles of very overgrown paths that we traversed today.  My no 2 grandson is out strimming every day at present, and we saw a contractor clearing some of the path at one point, so clearly June is the month to do that kind of work.

Anyway, from the A58 we were very quickly into the very pleasant Borsdane Wood Local Nature Reserve, heading north to a disused railway line, which we followed for a bit, crossing Dicconson Lane before veering east across the fields to our break in a barn.  While I was investigating the side of this building (!), a barn owl flew silently out – lovely!  The inside of the barn, though providing shelter, was a real mix of old and rusty farm machinery, which will presumably just rot away over time.  Continuing, we saw some rather nice horned black sheep, but since our country cousins were not with us today, we did not know what they were.  Passing a healthy-looking field of barley, we hit the Rotary Way, which we followed north west to Yates Farm, a huge place devoted to stabling and training horses.  We then described a south westerly loop through another couple of farms, with Rivington Pike and Winter Hill in the distance, to arrive at the village of Haigh, where we took lunch in St David’s churchyard, though the pub opposite looked rather more inviting to me.  Perhaps Rob should take note of the ‘try praying’ banner at the entrance when he is planning his next walk!

After lunch we headed west down Copperas Lane, passing the splendid 1846 Haigh School building, a couple of lovely Victorian villas, and the real life windmill that was shown on the school’s coat of arms.  This brought us to Haigh Woodland Park, which looks a great place for kids of all ages.  From here we continued west through the woods, across the canal, and onto another disused railway line, which we followed rather muddily southward until we came to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal again.  Rob told us a bit of the history of the canal, and especially about the amazing flight of 23 locks that stretch down to Wigan pier.  Altogether they lift the canal 214 feet over about two and a half miles. leading up to Top Lock.  After only a few yards on the canal, we turned east to pass through housing and then Hindley Hall Golf Club with its splendid club house.  A short stretch through America Wood brought us back to the start.  Literally the icing on today’s cake was the visit to the splendid Provenance café, restaurant and deli in the centre of Westhoughton.  So ended an interesting day, thanks to Rob.

(Pics & write up Arnold.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. Tom Hughes

    I think Joan and eleven men must be a Taylor’s dozen! Looks as though it was a great walk, in spite of the weather.

  2. Great walk Rob, Joan showed the true spirit of Ramblers as she was the only lady to turn out despite the weather forecast.

  3. Rob Peel

    Hi Arnold – thanks for generous write-up and good photos. I think it’s going to rain all day today as well….

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