Hoghton 18-01-2017 – Leader Roy

Hoghton 18-01-2017 – Leader Roy

What a day!!  21 set off from Gregson Lane, joined later at our first stop at Hoghton Tower by Roger from Middleton.  Proceeding from Hoghton through Riley Green to reach Hoghton Bottoms, our first serious mud was encountered, and laughter bubbled through the group.  We passed a noisy and powerful weir, an imposing Victorian railway viaduct, then through woods and lanes to reach Bolton Hall, where serious, serious mud was enjoyed (?) by all.  Shortly after, we came to Wild Bottom Wood and our second break on the bank of the River Darwen.  It was here that Judy was requested not to fall in, as she might splash somebody!

After lunch it was through a lovely valley to reach Blakey Hey and Coppice Farm, with extensive woodland views, and some slippery muddy slopes for amusement.  On the homeward trek now, we came to Cardwells Farm, this time encountering serious, serious, serious mud.  After stumbling through the sucking mud, Sue only just managed to stay upright!  By now Derek was grinning from ear to ear; his laughter was infectious, and others soon joined in.

A routine finish through fields and glens at Coupe Green and Gregson Lane, where the walk leader accepted the accolades of the group for the muddiest walk of the year – or maybe any year!

(Write up Roy, pics Judy)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. Thanks for all the mud Roy says I (without a hint of sarcasm). Enjoyable walk in a new area for me but I’d have preferred it have been firmer under foot.

    Well done with the photo’s Judy. A more than able substitute for the one-armed man!! To whom I wish a speedy recovery.

  2. Gooey write up from Roy, and excellent pictures from Judy – pity that your camera has developed a ‘thumb in the picture’ fault.

    Thanks to all for the very thoughtful ‘Get Well’ card and the nice comments thereon. Thanks also to Basil for his video at lunchtime. Hope to see you all soon.

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