Huncoat Trail 22-03-2017 – Leader Arnold

Huncoat Trail 22-03-2017 – Leader Arnold

know we have had rainier walks, and I think we have had muddier walks (depthwise), but I don’t believe we have ever walked through so much water!  Given the forecast, the 20 people who turned out today must be crackers. but we were all smiling at the end in Mrs B’s lovely tea shop, so all’s well that ends well.  Thanks to Carol J, Roy Chetham, the architect of this varied and truly splendid walk, joined us at the quarry and enjoyed (?) the rest of the walk with us.  It was lovely to meet someone who has done so much for the area, and we thank him for the trail leaflets he handed out at the café.

From the start, we headed up towards Peel Park, which the short Sunday walkers saw the other day.  Before climbing the steps up into the park, I ventured downhill to view the splendid sculpted flowery archway and carved gate posts leading into the park from the centre of Accrington, but there was no information about them – shame.  Then we were up the steps to the monument describing the munificence of the Peel family, admiring the views over the town and the old Accrington Stanley ground.

After disgracefully leading us astray down the wrong path to the A56, I shamefacedly took us the proper way under said road, and across some muddy fields to the well-named Miry Lane.  Shortly after this we came to the most challenging part of the walk, the slippery circuit around the top of the disused Huncoat quarry.  When we could take our eyes off our feet, the views were splendid, and we enjoyed them while we had our coffee break near a small waterfall.  After crossing the waterfall, we continued to skirt the top of the quarry, and met Roy at this point.  Happily, he had spotted an easier way down the quarry than the one we took on the recce, but it was still pretty tricky.  Thankfully, we all reached Hameldon Woods safely, thereafter crossing Burnley Road to reach Childers Green and the Burnley Way.  The next stretch through the woods above a very steep gorge was rather dramatic.  By this time the rain had stopped, so we had lunch at the end of this stretch in some comfort.

Then it was underneath the M65, past Shuttleworth House, with a very frisky horse in the paddock, and onto the Leeds & Liverpool canal westward for about 1.5 miles, coming off at Clough Bank Bridge, where there is an astonishing ‘shoe tree’ littered with trainers, some of which were carefully examined for size by one or two of our more impecunious members!  We then climbed a steep footbridge to cross the M65 again, and wended our way past the RSPCA centre to Huncoat Station, and thence through Spout House Community Woodland to the stocks, which also sported a notice about Roy’s Huncoat Trail.  As we passed through the woodland, Roy pointed out his house, which overlooks his creation.  As the Christopher Wren epitaph in St Paul’s says: ”si monumentum requiris circumspice” – if you need a monument, look around you.

We were joined at the café by Carol and Roy.  Many thanks to them and all for coming out on such a dreadful day, to Roy for his wonderful work, to Mark for excellent pics in the awful conditions, to Steve for being my sherpa today, and to Judy for back marking and reccing the walk with me.

(Write up Arnold, pics Mark – a record number!  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. carol jakar

    so annoyed I had to miss the walk…always wanted to do this trail…..but lovely to see everyone at the end. thanks for making Roy welcome…..

  2. I have never seen such a good walk report, so comprehensive and entertaining. Plenty of photos as well to capture and preserve the moment. Brilliant, well done. As a guest on the walk I was made very welcome.

    • arnolds

      Many thanks from all of us, Roy. We are glad that you enjoyed being with us, and viewing the report and pics. Hope to see you again before too long.

  3. Thanks Arnold for a memorable walk!
    I’ll miss the next few but just wanted to thank everyone for all their good wishes – Rossendale Ramblers are a great bunch!

  4. Graeme A.

    Well that was a wet one!! Thanks Arnold.

    A big well done to Mark – taking good photos in those conditions wasn’t easy.

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