Two & a Bit Reservoirs 13-12-2017 – Leader Judy

Two & a Bit Reservoirs 13-12-2017 – Leader Judy

Never has a featured photo more accurately captured a walk!  After the snow at the weekend, and the rain falling on the ice, 25 amateur ice skaters (including Andy for his first walk back with us) had a really interesting and challenging day.  There would have been 26 had not Roy had a fall near home in the dark of the morning while taking his dogs for a walk.  Although his ribs are now very sore, fortunately there appears to be no other damage, so we will see him at Barley next week.  Because of the conditions, Judy sensibly changed the start point to Bradshaw Meadows, a mile away from the scheduled start point at Jumbles, so she had to miss out most of one reservoir, hence the title of this piece.  The first bit of the walk dropped down to the Jacobean porch of Bradshaw Hall, where the featured photo was taken by Mark, who bravely took the camera on today.

Then it was down to Jumbles, where we met our first serious downhill ice challenge, as you will see from the photo.  Had I not bought some Yaktrax yesterday, I could not have done the walk, so I can heartily recommend them.  Inevitably, several people went down at various points – some more than once – but thankfully no serious consequences were reported.  We passed along the west side of Jumbles Reservoir to reach historic Turton Tower, where we took our first break in the snow and the rain.  We then crossed the railway line and headed north on the Witton Weavers Way, with serious ice underfoot, to cross between Turton/Entwistle and Wayoh Reservoirs.  Over the railway again near the Strawbury Duck and a woodland burial site, then through the woods up the west side of Wayoh’s right hand ‘arm’, looking rather like the top of the Red Sea.  However, it was not as warm as the Red Sea, with very little coral, and a lot more rain, so the 3 fortifying flasks were very welcome when we stopped for our lunch here.  I believe I was the only one to sample all 3 flasks, but I can’t make my mind up which was best, so I hope I can try again next week!

Then it was across several raging torrents as we walked south down the eastern side of Wayoh, still on the Witton Weavers Way, to reach the pretty development of Turton Bottoms.  The final approach to the village was down a steep set of steps that, quite literally, had a river running down them!  After this we soon reached Jumbles Reservoir, looking forward to a cuppa at the Ranger café, which had promised to open specially for us.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the café was not open, so we carried on back to the cars.  I know that Judy was really worried yesterday about changing the starting point and the route, but in the event the day was a tour de force, with great support, and with everyone being in high spirits, despite – or perhaps because of – the challenging conditions.  By the end of the day, we certainly all knew our feet a lot better than when we started!  Thanks to Mark for the excellent photos in the conditions, and to shepherdess Rosemary for back marking.

(Write up Arnold, pics Mark.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

There is a link to the slideshow here, as for some reason Flickr is not managing to embed the slideshow at the moment. You may need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show – but at least it is full screen!  If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.



  1. Very well done Judy for leading what turned out to be such a challenging walk. Good write up Arnold. Mark’s photos captured the day extremely well.

  2. You excelled Judy – I am lost for words! As an aside, do not worry about me, I am recovering well from my fall!

  3. Thanks to Arnold for such a detailed write up, to Mark for the photos (and cold hands) and to Rosemary/Arnold for backmarking. Also thanks to all for valiantly completing such a wintry weather walk. I got a message of apology from Gail (cafe) – she didn’t expect anyone to be walking in such conditions!

  4. Thanks Judy A very difficult day but still enjoyable.

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