Langho 26-10-2016 – Leader Derek

Langho 26-10-2016 – Leader Derek

Today’s walk started at Lou & Carl’s lovely house near Langho, from where the 25 participants headed southward and upward to cross the busy A59, continuing up across the fields to the railway at Langho, which we crossed to get to York (yes, really!).  Lovely autumn colours were very much in evidence throughout the walk, as was amusing signage.  Another main feature was stiles, some quite awkward to negotiate, although Ann’s stile style was grace and elegance personified, as you will see from one of the photos.  Also in the photos, but perhaps more practical than elegant, you will see Gypsy Rose Cooper’s headwear; I only wish that I had the Photoshop skills to put a crystal ball in her hands, and she would then have been complete.

We soon came to Dean Clough Reservoir, and took our break after crossing the dam.  Then it was southward through picturesque woodland to Dewhurst Farm, where we spotted some rather weary-looking tups; say no more, we chaps know how they feel.  Now turning westward, we contoured across towards Wilpshire, with the views opening up, despite the prevalent hazy low cloud, though this produced some interesting effects.  We passed a trig point at around 700 feet high near the amusingly-named Middle Mickle Hey, and had lunch between here and Upper Mickle Hey (where did Lower get to, we wonder?).  Derek then guided us on a mazy route through Wilpshire itself, where we spotted a lady waving at us from an upstairs window of her house!  Of course, we all waved back, especially when Mike T explained that it was Mrs T who was waving; small world!

After passing through Salesbury, with its interesting church, it was then plain sailing across the fields and the A59 again, back to our starting point.  Here Lou very kindly gave us superb hospitality, with a range of freshly-baked cakes to die for.  Of particular note was the carrot cake, made by Lou’s friend Rachel.  Yours truly is not usually a carrot cake fan, but this looked so tempting that I indulged – and what a good decision that was!  As Lou declined any suggestion of payment for these delights, we had a collection for Pendle & Rossendale Mountain Rescue, and raised a very pleasing total of £65.  This ended a lovely day, thanks to Derek, Lou and her friends – plus Carl, of course.

PS I should like to apologise to anyone who was walking near me for the last few miles today.  I did think that the local countryside was rather smelly, but didn’t know why until Mary pointed out the evil-smelling stuff on my rucksack, which must have been picked up on one of my two falls today.  Ugh!!!

(Pics & write up Arnold.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.



  1. It looks like a lovely time was had by all Derek…gorgeous autumnal photos!Wish I could have joined the walk..anyone left me any of Lou’s delicious cake?????

  2. Jenny Bruffell

    Thank you Louise for your excellent hospitality at the end of a very good walk. Future tea shops will have a lot to live up to! Lovely photos Arnold.

  3. Rosemary

    Thanks Derek for an enjoyable autumnal walk. Grateful to Louise and Carl for inviting us into their lovely home. The delicious cakes and mugs of tea were very much appreciated.

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