Malham Tarn 12-07-2017 – Leader Derek

Malham Tarn 12-07-2017 – Leader Derek

There’s little to say about today’s walk really, except that it was a beautiful walk, in lovely weather, in one of our favourite parts of England, aka Yorkshire!  Sadly, Roger & Andy – and probably some others – did not reach the car park in time, and their calls did not reach Derek, as there was no signal.  By the time Derek did pick up the messages – about 30 minutes into the walk – the others had presumably reached the car park, but then they had no signal, so nothing could be done.  However, knowing the area well, as they must do, we hope they had a good walk elsewhere in the area.  (We did see Roger, on his own, as we drove to the café, and gave him a wave, but we are not sure if he knew it was us).

We were joined today by John (Scouse name Bonner), a school friend of Paul (Scouse name Yozzer, ie Hughes), who now lives in Waterfoot (John, not Paul).  So 16 of us set off past Malham Tarn, looking splendid in the sunshine (Malham Tarn, not us), skirting Great Close Hill as we headed north.  Our starting elevation today was around 1200 ft, so it was slightly cool as we set off, but outer layers were soon discarded as we climbed.  We passed through Middle House Farm to our first break near an ancient settlement; quite appropriate, really.  Derek was clearly a man on a mission, wanting to get home to see if he had some decent broadband, so after a few short minutes we were off again, dropping down across the fields, with lovely limey views, until we crossed the Pennine Way at New Pasture.  Looking at my OS map, this whole area is full of shake holes – natural depressions or holes in the surface topography caused by the chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks (ie limestone).  Fortunately we all managed to avoid them.

Now we turned south west and climbed again, gaining distant views of Malham Tarn.  I often talk about big skies and big landscapes on our walks, and this was certainly the case today, as Graeme’s photos show very well.   Our lunch spot was on Knowe Fell, at over 1600 feet, almost the highest point of the walk.  All too quickly, our beloved leader was off again, heading downhill and broadly south to skirt Black Hill and reach the Pennine Bridleway, which we followed for quite a way across some tussocky and wettish access land, where we were careful where to put our feet!  This took us to the Dales High Way and on to Langscar Gate and Comb Hill.  Here we had really incredible views down the steep-sided dry valley of the Watlowes, which leads to Malham Cove.  We did not follow this route, but instead headed north on the Pennine Way back to the car park.  Refreshments were taken in the sunshine at the beautifully set Town End Farm Shop & Tearoom in Airton to end a really brilliant day, thanks to Derek.

(Write up Arnold, pics Graeme.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. Sorry Jenny, but trying to be first in the cafe always takes priority! Thanks to both Arnold for the report and Graeme for the pics – as always, much appreciated.

  2. Excellent walk today Derek in God’s own country. We were blessed by perfect weather after a dismal day on Tuesday. Thenks to Graeme for some cracking photos and to Arnold for a very witty write up. I suppose Derek wanting to get home for his broadband makes a change from him wanting to be first in the café.

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