Malham (The Weets) 18-10-2017 – Leader Derek

Malham (The Weets) 18-10-2017 – Leader Derek

On a bright, beautiful and breezy morning, 21 shivery ramblers set off eastward from water sinks car park at a little over 1200 feet, past Street Gate and over a ford, to arrive at the site of Mastiles Lane Roman Marching Camp.  Continuing easily along the contour, we soon headed south and took  our first break near Cow Gill Cote.  By this time we were nicely warmed up.  After the break, we descended to Bordley Hall, before turning west and climbing steeply for over 400 feet in a bit over a mile, to be rewarded by the most incredible views of big skies and lovely scenery, beautifully captured by Liz.  This climb brought us to our lunch stop at Weets Gate, near Weets Top, the latter being the trig point at 414 m (1345 ft).  There was a medieval cross here, which has been used as the featured photo.

After lunch, the skies were less sunny, but we had some excellent ‘angel rays’ as we descended southward across Hanlith Moor and then down Windy Pike Lane to Hanlith itself, with the splendid Hanlith Hall (external link) being the main feature.  Then it was easily north alongside the fledgling River Aire to Malham and on towards the Cove.  It was all hunky-dory as we approached the Cove, looking as imposing as ever, but then the really hard work of the day began, as we began to climb 300 feet up the 400 or so rough stone steps on the west side of the Cove!  Hard as this was, we all agreed that it was preferable to walking down the steps.

After a brief rest at the top, we then picked our way carefully across the extensive limestone pavement, walking on the clints, avoiding the ankle-turning grykes, to reach a stony path – the Pennine Way.  This led us for a mile or so up the dramatically lovely Watlowes dry valley and back to the car park.  It being 4 pm by this time, the intended café was closed, so people dispersed after thanking Derek for a memorable day in a lovely part of God’s own country!!

(Write up Arnold, pics Liz, with contributions from David H.  Appended here are the route stats and rather unusual profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. by the looks of arnolds sandwich, he used to be indecisive, now hes not so sure. great walk derek and super photos liz.

  2. Another good walk missed, I would however hope to walk with you all again prior to Christmas.
    In the mean time I would like to sincerely thank you all for
    the get well messages and cards I have received.

  3. Brilliant walk. Tough at times but worth it. Thank you Derek

  4. Tom Hughes

    Nice walk, Derek, and great photos Liz – you could end up carrying the new camera a lot!

  5. Thanks again Arnold for doing the report, and for being so positive about what turned out to be a long day. Thanks also to Liz for the photographs. Currently looking for something for Wednesday 1 August 2018 ~ a special day in God’s Own Country. As everyone appeared to enjoy it, perhaps I should do a repeat, but the other way round? Very sorry that we did not get back in time to take tea.

  6. A pity the photographer was not present to witness the gallant Sir Derek rescuing Joan from the limestone pavement. Fortunately he managed to remove her boot without damage to her foot. Well done!

  7. Excellent walk Derek, and great photos Liz I particularly liked the shot of Arnold’s dyslexic sandwich.

  8. Thanks Derek for a good walk (despite the sting in the tail). Wonderful views, as seen on the excellent photos from Liz & David.

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