Mellor 16-08-2017 – Leader Roy

Mellor 16-08-2017 – Leader Roy

Despite what the first photo shows, 28 ramblers turned up at Mellor – and some time later two more arrived, making 30, which I think is a record for a ‘normal’ walk.  This number included Viv & Steve’s daughter Sophie, back in the UK after 3 years teaching in Dubai; nice to meet her.  Roy led us initially up onto Mellor Moor, where some of us had ample time to study the fascinating Royal Observer Corps Monitoring Post while we were waiting for the laggards to arrive.  Rosemary told us more about the installation, including the fact that it was preceded by a Roman signal station that overlooked Ribchester fort.  The views from this point were superb all round, from Pendle to Beacon Fell and even to Blackpool Tower, the various points being shown by the on-site topograph.  The visibility was excellent, and we had big skies all day, well captured by Mike, together with some excellent arty shots.  I’ll let him explain why he took a picture of a puddle!

From this point we descended, giving the rather unusual walk profile shown below.  The route to our banana break took us through fields and woods, past Midge Hall (!) and north to Harwood Fold.  Swinging west past Mire Fold and into Mire Wood (!), we then headed south through Roberts House Farm into Osbaldeston Green.  By this time we had encountered quite a few stiles, some des reses, and some bits of mud, which pattern was to continue throughout the walk, so much so that we believe Roy has snatched back his stile guru crown from John.  From here we wriggled south  to our lunch stop near Mammon Wood.  Continuing southward took us into the pretty village of Mellor Brook, and thence to a house called Old Doozes!  Despite looking genuinely old in parts, the date stones said 1986.  Around this area there were several houses with the most splendid flower displays, especially of begonias, in hanging baskets, in walls, tubs, etc – superb.

The final part of the walk saw Roy following a mazy route south and east past Woodfold Stud Farm, along the edge of Lodge Wood, and through Arley Farm, before swinging up and back into Mellor Village, to end a ‘stimulating’ walk, as one person called it.  I call it a regular Roy rural ramble, in lovely weather, with a very friendly bunch of people.  Refreshments were taken at Mrs Dowson’s, who had had such a busy day that there was no cake for the last 5 or so people – but I hope that didn’t spoil their day.

(Write up Arnold, pics Mike.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.



  1. Well, if you were at the coast, you would say the ripples were caused by the tide. Now I know we have had a lot of rain recently, but I didn’t think we had had so much!

  2. Ahhhhh – yes “The Puddle”
    Well with the mud being such a feature of Roy’s walks I thought a close up study of the topic might be appropriate and for the hydrologists amongs us it was interesting to see the dimpled mud surface laying at the bottom. I did ask for opinions as to why it would be so, but to no avail.
    I do like a wander though the jungle such challenges are a joy !!
    Thanks Roy an excellent walk

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