Mytholmroyd 01-11-2017 – Leader Jean

Mytholmroyd  01-11-2017  – Leader Jean

19 walkers arrived, including Steve from Rochdale, walking with us for the first (and hopefully not last) time. What started as a chilly, misty morning turned into a lovely dry autumnal day with the sun making brief appearances.

Jean led us off in an easterly direction alongside the River Calder to Brearley, before heading northwards over both the river and the Rochdale Canal to face a steep, warming climb which included a flight of 93 – 100 stone steps, depending on whose counting you believe! We climbed up towards Midgley and then onwards to reach the Calderdale Way with some great, but hazy, views. We reached Crook Hill Nook and the tall boundary stone known as Milk Churn Joan (as on the signpost in photo) which dates from 1600 and is commemorated in a Ted Hughes Poem.  Tom complied with the local custom of leaving money in the hollow on top of the stone for good luck. Coffee was taken here with impressive views as the mist cleared- guess who raced ahead to occupy the only bench? We continued on Midgley Moor, overlooking Chiserley to our left and trying to ignore the cutting wind. Passing through Keelam and across Slack House Lane, we progressed to Midgehole and Pecket Well.  We entered some stunning beech woods, where lunch was taken and we were entertained by a dog leaping for a stick attached to a swing rope dangling from a tree. Following a delightful route through the woods we dropped down to Hob Cote, before crossing Hebden Beck by a weir, then following the Beck south to Hebden Bridge. We had a nice meander through Hebden Bridge with evidence of the recent pumpkin festival still present, before walking back along the Rochdale Canal towpath to Mytholmroyd.

Thanks to Jean for such a lovely autumnal walk full of variety and to Linda for efficient back marking.

Write up and pics – Judy

Distance (according to my GPS!) 10.48 miles    Total ascent 1252 feet

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. That’s another fine walk I’ve missed! Lovely autumn pics. Did Derek buy the book???

  2. Jean Ashcroft

    Thanks Judy for an excellent write up, really captured the day.

  3. Thanks for an excellent walk Jean. Lovely photos Judy. What a beautiful autumnal day for a good walk.

  4. Graeme Adlum

    Lovely walk Jean and the weather was an improvement on the Settle Loop.

    Well done Judy on the write up and photos.

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