Pateley Bridge 16-05-2018 – Leader Derek

Pateley Bridge 16-05-2018 – Leader Derek

Derek first did this walk for us in April 2011, and I have been waiting ever since then for him to do it again!  I was not disappointed today, and I hope that those who had not seen Coldstones Cut before felt the longish journey was worthwhile.

On a cool and breezy morning, 17 of us set off north from the lovely town of Pateley Bridge briefly along the River Nidd on the Nidderdale Way, before turning west along Foster Beck and through the first of several pleasant caravan parks, passing a rather large sow in a very recumbent posture en-route!  Climbing steadily, we reached the remains of Prosperous Smelt Mill, where we took our coffee break in somewhat lunar-like surroundings.  After the break we turned south onto access land and through more lead mine remains, now climbing a little more sharply onto Bewerley Moor, revealing lovely views all round.  Along the way we encountered a field full of marsh marigolds, looking like oversized buttercups.  We soon reached our highest point of the day at over 1300 feet as we described a loop south and then north to our lunch spot in the lee of a small knoll.

By this time we could almost see our objective, so after we set off it was not long before we were tracking up the side of the massive Coldstones Quarry – though basically invisible from the road.  A surprise item met us at the top of the road up, in the shape of a very large bicycle, presumably celebrating the start of the Tour de France in Yorkshire in 2014.  Then it was into the incredible Coldstones Cut, by Andrew Sabin, by now in warm sunny weather.  To call this monumental piece of work a sculpture is a bit weird, as it is almost the size of a small village, complete with a road and a roundabout!  The size of the hole below it is massive, but Mark’s excellent pictures do illustrate the huge scale rather well, especially when zooming in on the quarry vehicles.  All very, very impressive!

Then it was away east back towards Pateley Bridge, with a lovely finish to the walk being provided by Fishpond Wood, with wonderful drifts of bluebells and a lovely reflective lake.  The walk through Bewerley village was equally attractive, as were the refreshments in Wildings Tearooms.  All in all, Derek provided us with an incredible day, in the pre-eminent county of England (creep, creep!).

Write up Arnold, pics Mark.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.

If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here.  You will need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show.


  1. Graeme Adlum

    Great walk. Thank you Derek.

    Excellent report and photos.

  2. Jenny

    An excellent walk, thank you Derek. What an amazing place to visit! It was good to be back, missed you all. The photos and write up are first class, well done Mark and Arnold.

  3. Derek

    Thanks yet again to Arnold for the report and Mark for the photographs – much appreciated,

  4. Thanks Derek for a great walk. Will miss you all over the summer see you in September happy ramblings

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