Rylstone 28-01-2018 – Leaders Tom & Gill

Rylstone 28-01-2018 – Leaders Tom & Gill

It was a beautiful day for our walk and I waxed lyrical about the fantastic views that we could see for most of the day.  I had one complaint – the sun was low and in our eyes as we headed over the moor towards Hetton, making it impossible to see the reservoir, and I thought the walk may have been better the other way round.

But that was the recce!

When 9 of us got out of the cars at the little layby in Rylstone, we struggled to keep upright in the strong wind.  7 were wearing waterproofs.  After our start photo, in which Anne managed to disguise herself better than the ‘des res’ in the background, we crossed the road and paused to admire the snowdrops before heading up past the church and round past the fish ponds to the shelter of Chapel Lane.

The back side of Cracoe is pretty, and we were tempted to take a pew in the yew (or is it box?), however we continued to the road, which we sort of followed to Threaplands House Farm from which point our lovely clean boots were sludged up beautifully. We passed the barn full of sheep listening to Bon Jovi, before Martin took advantage of the shelter of a wall to put his overtrousers on back to front but Rosemary was still hoping the rain would hold off.

Five minutes later, after a slight incline, some sheltered behind another wall to take tea, while others braved the elements. Martin adjusted his weather gear, and Rosemary decided enough was enough.  All suitably attired now, we headed over somewhat boggy fields to Linton, passing where Tom and I had seen 4 deer last week.

Anne led a breakaway to view yet more snowdrops, before we took the beckside path out of Linton, spotting a bright clump of yellow, and over the dismantled railway line (which originally ran from Gargrave to Grassington) towards Threshfield.

With the rain now blowing in our faces (cue Adele), we headed up Moor Lane (Track) towards Threshfield Moor, hoping for somewhere sheltered, with the promised views, to have lunch.

Well…we had lunch!

We continued over Boss Moor, heads down, towards Boss Moor Lane, where, incredibly we got a view of Winterburn Reservoir. This section would still have been better the other way round, with the wind behind us, Tom! We rejoined Moor Lane (Track) which at this point is on the Dales High Way and followed it to Hetton.  It’s a rather tedious track when the weather is against you, but our trek was lightened by the sight of some rather pretty (?) sheep.

From Hetton we took an old track, which in a couple of weeks will be full of flowers, over the beck on the well worn bridge. Passing Bridge House we stopped to ponder yet more yellow flowers, before walking up the road to our cars.

I think we were all glad to see the cars – we were fairly soggy by this time – but some were more pleased to see the lemon cake in Cracoe’s Café.

(Write up and the few pics – Gill)


Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here

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  1. The walk was lovely – it was the weather that was not.

  2. A lovely write up for a not-so-lovely walk, Gill – well done!

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