Silsden 19-07-2017 Leader John

Silsden 19-07-2017 Leader John

With the wanderers having returned from Herriot country, there was a good turnout of 21 today, though the start photo only indicates 20 – but you know who was missing!  In an attempt to deter the forecast thunderstorms, I had a huge brolly, Basil-style, as one of my poles – and it worked.  Talking about stiles, Roy agreed that on this walk John knocked him off his stile guru perch by virtue of not just the number, but the very wide variation in stiles today, including one of the tallest ladder stiles we have ever seen!  The only fly in the ointment today was the overcast conditions, which meant a struggle for novice photographer Joan, who bravely accepted the challenge today; I think you will agree that she rose to the occasion very well.

Anyway, John led us through Silsden itself and then north west on the Millennium Way, where we discovered that we not only have a horse whisperer (Judy) but also a cow whisperer – Jeff.  After crossing Hayhills Beck, we continued as before, climbing gently through Hay Hills Farms, Dales Bank Farm (available accommodation), and Foster Cliffe Farm to our first break against a wall on Silsden Moor.  This pattern of agricultural ambling was the modus operandi for the day, and a very agreeable one it was, too.  Now heading north east across the moor, we continued on the Millennium Way through more farms until we followed Parsons Lane to the point where we crossed the race track that is the A65.  Safely over, we were now on the edge of Addingham Village.  This gave us the chance to stop for lunch at a children’s playground, with a variety of interesting seating.

Once the children – of all ages – had played enough, we climbed gently south, still on the blessed Millennium Way, to Addingham Moorside, where we turned west off the Way to cross Straight Lane (which isn’t), and past the weirdly-named Hang Goose Farm to the equally oddly-named Sea Moor Farm.  By this time we were at the highest point of the walk at a little over 900 feet.  Up Lippersley Lane a bit, and then through Lippersley Farm and the caravan park, where a gentleman in a Range Rover accused us of being slightly off-track, so we humoured him and followed his instructions; anything for a peaceful life!

Then it was west to Dales Bank Farm again, and thence a slightly different route back across the fields, now with brighter conditions for us to see the lovely views.  An interesting and unusual feature of today’s walk is that not a yard of it was on access land, much of this being down to following the Millennium Way.  Refreshments were very nicely taken at Crumbs Café in Silsden, to end a lovely day, thanks to John.  Thanks also to Joan for her excellent effort with the camera, amateur though she admitted that she is.

(Write up Arnold, pics Joan.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. So enjoying these lovely walks – a big thank you to all the leaders. Joan took great photos – how can I break a fella’s heart?!

  2. Great walk John – shame about all the stiles. If there was an annual nomination for ‘King of Stiles’, then you will be a serious contender. Note to other Walk Leaders: please do not try to compete!

  3. Rosemary

    Thanks John for a lovely walk. Well done Joan for taking the photos.

  4. An excellent walk today John – thank you. Thankfully the only bit of the weather forecast which was correct was the humidity. Well done Joan for the lovely photos, and that was without your glasses!

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