Silsden 31-05-2017 – Leader Tom

Silsden 31-05-2017 – Leader Tom

18 of us were fortunate to be out on a wonderful day with the calls of curlews and lapwings accompanying us for most of the time. No delicate fragrance of bluebells, but we were all endowed with the golden glow of buttercups – if only on our boots.

We went up something, and down the other side, with a few more ups and downs after that.

If you were with us, you know how lovely a walk and what a glorious day it was.  If you weren’t, what a shame! You missed a good un!

(Write up and pics Gill)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then
click here. For Tom’s ‘official’ report, click here.



  1. Arnold

    We will have to let our readers judge who is right, Tom. Judy has already voted!

  2. Jenny

    What a lovely walk Tom & Gill. The write up is exactly how I remember the walk, up some and down some – a perfect description. None of us were sure of exactly where we were but no problem. Excellent photos of a cracking day out. Thanks!

  3. arnolds

    Hi Gill, are you and Tom not speaking at present? I’d have thought that he would have enlightened you on the route you took!

    • Tom Hughes

      Hi Arnold. I did give Gill my write-up but she thought it was boring and didn’t post it. She has now put it up for those people who do like to know where we did actually walk!

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