Silsden 31-05-2017

A Business Park on the edge of Silsden was the unlikely start point for today’s walk. On a glorious late Spring morning, 18 of us set off down a short track and then across a grassy meadow to reach the Millenium Way where we turned left and upwards! We stopped before 11 for elevenses, as there wasn’t going to be anywhere else suitable for some time. The route took us up to Higher Brunthwaithe, along the top of Silsden Golf Course, with beautiful views all round. On up to Swartha, past Landrover and tractor graveyards, and then via Well House, Sea Moor Farm and Hang Goose Farm we climbed up the steep slope to Windgate Nick and Black Hill where we stopped for more than half an hour for lunch: we deserved it, and the views were fabulous!

After lunch the route led us down (and sometimes back up!) and we passed Ghyll Grange to enter Spring Crag Wood and then through the now abandoned Riddlesden Golf Course. We were soon back down to the canal and we walked along the towpath above Keighley Golf Course towards Holden. We left the towpath, over a stile into the field of long grass we’d crossed just after the start to find it had been cut ready for silage.

We were lucky to be out on such a wonderful day with the calls of lapwings and curlews accompanying us for much of the time.

Unfortunately, there was no local cafe and some of us went back to Sainsbury’s in Colne for our tea and cakes.


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