Slaidburn 16-11-2016 – Leader Rosemary

Slaidburn 16-11-2016 – Leader Rosemary

The weather forecast today was benign, apart from being quite breezy, so 24 of us set off in grey but dry conditions across the Hodder bridge and then south across the fields to Broadhead Farm. with pleasant views behind us.  Here we turned to the east to reach Langcliff Cross Brook – well named, as we had to leap across it, as you will see from the photo of Roy.  As you will also see, yours truly was more ‘look before you leap’!  Safely across, we encountered some pretty muddy conditions before we took our coffee break near Harrop Hall.

Carrying on to Harrop Lodge, we carefully negotiated a very blocked footpath, before turning south to reach the delightful hamlet of Harrop Fold, where I photographed Rosemary on the throne (her words).  Soon after, we had lunch around Swan Barn, clearly used for rearing game birds.  Indeed, several people had heard shooting, and we were later to see a number of shooters’ vehicles.  The trailer on one of these was packed full with braces of shot pheasants, all tied up in racks.  Had I known what was in the trailer, I would have taken a picture of this very unusual sight.  Instead, I have added one from the web – avert your gaze if you wish.

After lunch, we walked for a while in bright and sunny conditions, before entering some pine woodland, heading west.  We climbed fairly sharply through the woods, with slutchy conditions underfoot – quite tiring – to gain a nice view of Pendle to the south.  By the time we reached the highest point of the walk at around 1200 feet, the lighting was very unusual, as you may see from the photos.  At this point we turned north to cross Easington Fell, descending slowly and slippily to Fell Side – which came true for me, as I gracefully slid onto my backside – but only my pride was hurt.

It was clear that the weather was about to change, with spectacular single and double rainbows ahead of us.  Whether these were enough to compensate for the battering rain, hail and wind for the last half hour into Slaidburn, I’m not sure.  However, the chip muffin in our favourite Country Kitchen café in Waddington certainly was a compensation.  Overall, a very varied, interesting and somewhat challenging day, thanks to Rosemary, our new chief of staff.

(Write up Arnold, pics Arnold & David.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

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