Slaidburn 24-05-2017 – Leader Rosemary

Slaidburn 24-05-2017 – Leader Rosemary

28 ramblers turned up at Slaidburn car park today, but despite this large number, Tom persuaded Ann & Audrey, two walkers from Preston, to join us!  It was a good job that stiles only appeared in the latter stages of the walk, or else we might not have got home before dark!  Early on, the weather was a bit hazy, but it soon brightened up, and stayed lovely all day, as David’s pictures show very well.  Rosemary led us across the River Hodder and north across the fields to the impressive Hammerton Hall.  Along the way, those with good ears and relatively quite walking companions heard a cuckoo calling, which was repeated later on in the walk.  We soon reached Stocks Reservoir, built between 1923-32 to supply the Fylde.  In the process, the village of Stocks-in-Bowland was demolished, the church being rebuilt as a ‘mortuary chapel’ on another site.  We soon came across this chapel, now named Dalehead Church, beautifully situated on the side of the reservoir, and with its own wind turbine!  Just outside the chapel, David spotted some aquilegia-like flowers, which Jenny identified as water avens.

During our coffee break in the chapel grounds, Rosemary told us about the use of a whistle to signal distress – 6 blows, then repeated after a minute – a very sensible precaution.  After the break, we continued very pleasantly north through Gisburn Forest, the views opening up beautifully.  Leaving the forest around the top of the reservoir, we continued past New House Farm towards Catlow Farm, near where we had a relatively early lunch, with lovely views.  Having eaten, we turned south to Kenibus, and really began to experience the delights of the rolling scenery of this part of the world.  We were buzzed a couple of times by Spitfire-like aircraft, though I forgot to ask Tom what they were.   As in earlier walks, the wild flowers, including buttercups, were a great feature of this walk, as were the calls of the curlews that we disturbed.  Talking about Tom, he had time to do some gardening with his trusty secateurs in an attempt to clear the way over a stone still – very commendable!

All too soon we were back at Slaidburn car park, where David took a picture of one of the Lancashire Witches Walk stone markers, with part of a poem by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy.  Thus ended to end a lovely walk on a glorious day.  Thanks to the back marking, first by Roy and then by Hazel & Yvonne, we returned with a full complement, many of whom took refreshments at our favourite Country Kitchen in Waddington.

(Write up Arnold, pics David C.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

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  1. Jenny

    What a lovely walk in a beautiful area. The weather made the day perfect. Thank you Rosemary for an excellent walk and thanks to David for his superb photos.

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