Sunday 18 September ~ ‘Owd Betts’, Edenfield ~ Leader Roy

Sunday 18 September ~ ‘Owd Betts’, Edenfield ~ Leader Roy

I believe that various captions for today’s walk would have been more appropriate than the one above, and from my viewpoint, ‘a walk full of disappointments’ is perhaps the front runner!  Disappointment 1: the writer set-off from home in good time, and fully anticipated an opportunity to purchase a bacon-n-egg barm from the resident butty van at the start point.  No such luck, as on Sunday it arrives later than normal, and after 10:30.  With a bit more forethought this could have been accommodated for by a later start ~ it would have been worth it.  Anyway, fifteen ‘Short Sunday Walkers’ (distance to be walked and not stature) turned up for this month’s walk led by Roy.  The weather was, in the words of John Keats, a little bit of mists of mellow fruitfulness, but the sun soon came out, causing many to shed a few layers of clothing.

We set off south eastwards along the Rochdale Way towards Lee Holme, where we veered north to Wolstenholme Fold.  Disappointment 2: the walk information indicated that ‘the walk will visit Millcroft Tea Gardens’; what it did not say was that they would be shut.  Clearly, one should not make assumptions, but was I the only one to think that the only reason to visit a tearoom was to take refreshments?!  Especially as it was a detour to get there!  My CEO gave me a really hard time over this ‘misunderstanding’, especially as we had not taken any coffee or something to eat.  Roy did manage to gain a few ‘Brownie points’, especially from the ladies, by directing everyone to the tea room’s facilities, which were open.  There then followed an in-depth discussion as to the most appropriate terminology for such facilities ~ rest-room, lavatory, or toilet.  I could have added a few more nouns, but thought better of it (not like you, Derek – Ed).

After a somewhat extended comfort stop, we retraced our steps and headed towards Norden.  Disappointment 3: I had assumed that we would be heading in the opposite direction and going up Cheesden Valley and taking in some of the industrial heritage of the area, which – in the view of one local historian – is worthy of World Heritage Status.  However, that was not to be the case, but not all was lost, as it has given me an idea for a 2017 short walk.  As we crossed over Naden Brook, Roy stopped, for a ‘bridge shot’ I thought, but it soon became evident that he had been subject to a senior moment, and needed thinking time before moving on.  Indeed, the map had to be consulted and advice sought ~ who said a camera never lies?

As we walked up towards Greenbooth Reservoir, we were greeted by a small group of cyclists hurtling down the hill.  One rather elderly gentleman did a bit of an emergency stop – nearly going over his handlebars – got off his bike and gave Dave, Linda’s assistant CEO, a rather intimate hug ~ we were informed that at some stage in their lives they had found themselves in the same bed!  Perhaps too much information, don’t you think?  Being a sporting chap, he gave him another hug so I could get a photograph.

At least Roy managed to organise a delightful place to stop for our break, which was taken on the embankment at Greenbooth Reservoir.  Yet again a certain person managed to forget her walking stick for, I think, the third time!

Being serious, thanks to Roy we had a great walk that everybody, including me, really enjoyed.  He also organised perfect weather conditions, and managed to keep it relatively mud free.  However, I could add a fourth ‘disappointment’ ~  he did not suggest going to ‘Owd Betts’ for a drink.  To be fair, I would probably not have been allowed to partake anyway!  Before anyone has a go, I did give Roy the opportunity to write the report himself, but he declined, which he might not do next time!  He was warned!

For those who like statistics, according to my devices, we walked 6.34 miles and ascended 214 metres.

(Report and photographs by Derek)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. Lovely pics Derek..great walk Roy,thanks.
    Jill (Lou’s friend)

  2. Jenny Bruffell

    Great walk Roy in lovely sunshine. Excellent write up and photos Derek. It was nice to welcome Lynda from Bury on her first walk with us. Hope to see her again on another short walk.

  3. Lovely pics, Derek – the spider’s web was brilliant. The write up was … interesting.

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