Bolton Hall & Sawley 25-09-2016 ~ Leader Derek

Bolton Hall & Sawley 25-09-2016 ~ Leader Derek

A small but select group of twelve RRs met up in Gisburn for the Sunday walk.  Jill, a friend of Louise – and our newest recruit – braved shorts, which she was soon to regret, much to the amusement of some ~ well me, anyway.  We should have been able to get off to a prompt start, but the aforementioned Jill decided to change her footwear, which caused a minor delay.  Perhaps shades of Imelda Marcos?

Having safely negotiated the A59, which was no mean task, we walked down Mill Lane and crossed over the railway line, which was opened in 1885. The tunnel on Gisburne Park is adorned with ornamental stone portals that were built at the insistence of Lord Ribblesdale, who would not allow the railway to pass through the grounds unless underground.  The Gisburn Village website states that ‘the spelling of Gisburne changed to Gisburn when the Railway Company argued that many hours each year could be saved by so doing’ ~ I would be grateful if Graham could add a comment to explain this, because it makes no sense to me!  We continued along the lane, and then took a right up onto Fooden Moor, and had our elevenses at the side of a field just a short distance from Fooden Hall Farm.

Piloting our way through Fooden Hall Farm and towards Bolton Hall was not easy, but help was on hand from Louise, who apparently walks the area regularly ~ she certainly helped us avoid some rather healthy looking nettles, but this only put off the inevitable.  After crossing Skirden Beck, we had an interesting walk along the edge of a maize field.  Unfortunately the bit between the maize and the fence was overgrown with, yes you’ve guessed it – nettles!  I was not popular, especially with Jill.  Lunch was taken on a little hillock not far from Hell Syke Bridge.

At Sawley we had a short detour to look at the Abbey, but, as some of the group refused to walk an additional 200 yards, I thought it appropriate to amend my route to force them to do a little bit extra!  The route back to Gisburn, the Ribble Way, was familiar to several members of the group, so off they went, with Jean at the front for a change.  We walked through the location for the annual Beat-Herder musical festival; with some interesting features for all to look at ~ I can report that Roy cannot claim to be a King!

Tea and cakes were taken, as usual, at the ‘Delicious Deli & Café’, where I think we totally cleaned them out of plate pies!  Unfortunately, as we all searched for money to pay for our victuals, Josie became painfully aware that she had lost her mobile phone; however, I am pleased to say that it was retrieved from the ‘Spread Eagle Inn’ in Sawley, where it had been handed in – a great end to the day.  For those interested in statistics, according to my devices we walked 12.33 miles, with 368 metres of ascent.

(Report and photographs by Derek with some assistance from Judy)

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.


  1. Adam Brockbank

    Thanks Derek for a great walk. An excellent write up and lots of nice photos. Keep up the good work.

  2. I had a lovely day! Beautiful scenery,great company,very interesting flora and fauna along the way..yikes!
    ps.Imelda Marcos loves shoes..I doubt walking boots,whether summer or winter are items she’s ever heard of!
    see you all soon,

  3. Use either SD 79278 47398 or N53.922296 & W2.3170182. The Ribble Way passes right through the site!

  4. Looks like all except Jill had a lovely day! Super pics, especially the numerical ones near the end. Where were they?

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