Todmorden 23-08-2017 – Leader Judy

Todmorden 23-08-2017 – Leader Judy

18 arrived to drizzle and low cloud, but the rain and mist did clear, and the sun decided to join us in the afternoon, giving lovely clear views.

We looked at the Waterside Mill Sluice previously used to try and control water flow at times of flooding, which Todmorden is prone to and we quickly reaffirmed why, as we began ascending one of the steep slopes that surrounds the valley, to join the Calderdale Way. We soon cut up a somewhat muddy path to Lumbutts Road, amidst cries from some about a less muddy alternative! We continued upwards to Gaddings Dam at 780 feet above sea level, with an interesting history here.  Coffee was taken beside the Dam with David H sat on the beach (minus his bucket and spade) with this having the highest beach in the UK, before continuing over Langfield Common to join the Pennine Way.  We reached the Warland Reservoir, currently drained for maintenance work, and with the remains of a canal boat on the bottom now visible, although it is unclear how it originally got there.

An incongruous temporary flight of steps then led to the path down to Warland End Gate, past Warland Farm here and the Rochdale Canal. After a short stretch of towpath we crossed Todmorden Road, to head up the original toll road, also with chimney flues linked to the railway tunnel below and stories of past disasters. We took the Pennine Bridleway to continue climbing to our lunch spot overlooking the valley and marvellous scenery beyond, including Stoodley Pike now cloud free.

At Allescholes we took the Todmorden Centenary Way, past a well tended memorial garden and Cranberry Dam, before climbing to Middle Ramsden and then down to Ragby Bridge to cross a stream. A further bit of climb (with cries of “not another”) took us to Foul Clough Road, before crossing fields and then dropping sharply into Gauxholme, with spectacular drops to the right and a certain young lady asking where the parachutes were! We returned to Todmorden along the Canal towpath with tea and cake taken in the Old Co-op, opposite where we emerged from the Canal.

Thanks to Derek who entertained us with (groan) jokes at intervals throughout.

Thanks to David C for some brilliant photos.  Whoever told him he wasn’t taking enough – don’t!! Whittling down 144 to 45 was a serious challenge, and a certain person will probably say 45 is too many!

Thanks to Linda for some efficient back marking (just what friends are for!)

Distance – 11.51 miles  Total ascent 1845 feet / 562 metres.

Write up – Judy  Pics-  David

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.



  1. Great walk Judy, which I have pinched for future use. Particularly liked the view over Todmorden on our descent to the cafe – a first for me.

  2. arnolds

    Well done, Judy – a tough but excellent walk by all accounts, a good write up, a couple of links expertly inserted, and a splendid selection of photos by David C. However, Linda’s photos on today’s walk run him very close IMHO.

  3. Graeme Adlum

    Great walk – thanks Judy.

    Just the right number of photos.

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