Waddington 26-11-2017 – Leader Roy

Waddington 26-11-2017 – Leader Roy

The weather was bravely faced by 7 for an extraordinary Roy walk, described varyingly as soggy bottoms, super boggy, tough mudder, the muddiest of the year (Tom has missed a few!) and the Parachute Regiment assault course.  It was a memorable winter ramble through glorious Ribble Valley District countryside, overlooked by a snow capped Pendle Hill, Easington Fell and Longridge Fell. The conditions underfoot were challenging, including multiple crossings of swollen rivers and streams, 34 stiles in varying states of trickiness, and several wooden bridges.  The weather produced frequent wintry showers, a sharp wind and some brief sunny spells, with rainbows and some spectacular lighting conditions. Some daffodils were confused as to the season, but none of this stopped eagle eyed Joe being the first to spot deer in the distance on two occasions. As Martin pointed out, we proved we are not just fair weather walkers, and all the laughter proved you can enjoy it too.

We set off from Waddington in an easterly direction to West Bradford, and then northerly to Brocklehurst, before dropping down to wade across Brocklehurst Brook near Drake House, where we had our coffee break. From there we climbed to Hancoats and Dove Syke, before heading north west to Mill Farm. We then turned southwards skirting the woods and were never far from the sound of running water. Next we cut down to cross another fast flowing stream, luckily without having to action the discussion of taking our boots off, before heading westwards to eat lunch on the edge of woods just south of Bookers.  From here we traversed more fields to Buckstall and across Burbles Hill to Braddup Farm, Talbot Bridge and Clough Bottom.  We then changed to a westerly direction via Page Fold, then Colthurst Hall, when, after treading water through another stream at Hollins Clough, Roy issued the understatement of the day “now the next part is a bit muddy”!  We re-entered Waddington, passing the easily missed stocks. Thanks to Roy for competently leading a walk full of twists and turns from his incredible memory, in the most amazing conditions.

Those who couldn’t or didn’t walk missed a treat. Refreshments were taken in the Country Kitchen which was as good as ever

Distance – 10.12 miles  Total ascent – 2023 feet

Write up and pics – Judy

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here .


  1. Fabulous pictures Judy. Fantastic write up. And well done to everyone for getting round in one piece.

  2. Very amusing write up, Judy, and incredible pics in the conditions.

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